Friday, May 08, 2015

Like I said

May 10, 2010:

"Now, for a short spell, Clegg's playing with the big boys, and they're going to have his marbles and the bag they came in...

"The best that can be hoped for by Nick Clegg, I think, is to do a Blair: sell out to powerful interests who will springboard him into some position less vulnerable to the people's franchise. Perhaps the reward for his long service to Europe will be a seat on the European Commission [...] He, and ultimately his descendants, will be accepted into that modern equivalent of the Hapsburg dynasty that is the nascent power support structure of the EU.

"Or maybe he'll stand his ground, and watch his party get whittled away back down to six seats, a fate David Steel vividly remembers."

Ok, eight seats, but close. Now looking out for the "reward for his long service to Europe".

May 4, 2015:

"We're getting hung up on "referendum now", but until we can secure fair treatment of the issue over-eager Ukippers will be like turkeys voting for an early Christmas. Voting Tory falls into Cameron's trap, and he'll delight in setting up a sure-fail referendum campaign, with the eager assistance of "it's about leadership, Aleisha" Milliband (see that link from 47:03) and College-of-Europe-graduate Clegg."

Ok, Milliband and Clegg have gone, but the outline prediction remains the same. Cf. Peter Hitchens today:

"As for the famous EU referendum, who really thinks that the propaganda forces which got Mr Cameron his unexpected majority won’t also be activated to achieve a huge vote to stay in the EU? And then the issue will be closed forever."

Some may be gloating (a word they use themselves); my mood is elegiac.

"After the battle, at the request of the mortally wounded king,
Bedivere throws Excalibur back to the Lady of the Lake."

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James Higham said...

Vindication is a double-edged sword, Sackers.