Friday, March 24, 2023

FRIDAY MUSIC: Mean Mary James, by JD

'Mary James, youngest of six children, was born in Geneva, Alabama, though her family lived in Florida, a couple miles below the Alabama line. Mary learned to read music before she could read words and was an official singer/songwriter before she’d started her first day of kindergarten. 

'With the help of her mom, she wrote her theme song “Mean Mary from Alabam’.” The press immediately baptized her with this handle, and she’s been Mean Mary ever since. 

'Mary plays 11 instruments and has recorded 16 albums, her newest being Cold. There is not room here to tell the whole life story of Mean Mary, but if you would like to hear more of it, listen to her music—it is all there.'

The Sparrow and the Hawk - Mean Mary with Frank James

Mean Mary on fast banjo - Iron Horse

Mean Mary - Blazing

Dance of the Thistledown - Mean Mary

Mean Mary's Sweet Pickin' Balm (Medicine Show)

Mean Mary - Friend I Never Had

Mean Mary when she was a child (age 6) singing Long Tall Texan

Mean Mary - Trumbull County Antique Tractor Show

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