Friday, March 11, 2022

FRIDAY MUSIC: Tina Turner, by JD

 "Start every day singing, like the birds."
- Tina Turner

Anna Mae Bullock was born in 1939 into a sharecropping family in rural Tennessee. She began singing as a teenager and, after moving to St. Louis, Missouri, immersed herself in the local rhythm-and-blues scene. 

She met Ike Turner at a performance by his band, the Kings of Rhythm, in 1956, and soon became part of the act. She began performing as Tina Turner, and her electric stage presence quickly made her the centrepiece of the show. In 1966 the Phil Spector produced record "River Deep Mountain High" made the band, and particularly Tina, world famous. She divorced Ike in 1978, alleging years of physical abuse and infidelity. 

She then embarked on a very successful solo career which ended in 2009 because of illness; a stroke and a kidney transplant. She now lives in Switzerland but she will never be forgotten thanks to her 'electrifying' stage presence and performances.

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