Friday, May 05, 2017

Friday Night Is Music Night: Django, by JD

This week's selection comes from Django Reinhardt-

Just a short clip of Django with Stephane Grappelli performing live (1945) which illustrates how he overcame the disability of losing the use of two of the fingers of his left hand. Listening to and seeing his dexterity you would never know it!

This last one is not Django Rainhardt but it is good and worth including as a 'tribute band' Pop groups spawn tribute bands so why not the best of the jazzers too?

Details: Django Reinhardt NY Festival 2005 At Birdland Dorado Schmitt (he looks like Django), Samson Schmitt (his son, to the right of him), Angelo Debarre (in the back) on guitars, Pierre Blanchard at violin, Brian Torff on double bass, Ludovic Beier accordeon, Ken Peplowski on clarinet (awesome), Joel Frahm (sax), David Langlois (Washboard Percussion), Roger Kellaway (piano), Gordon Lane (brushes).

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Twilight said...

Nuages is a favouite of mine. Will listen to others in a mo.
It's interesting that Django and Stefane Grapelli were so unlike in temperament, yet managed to make such good music together. Django was a bit of a wild card, while Grapelli was one who tended to live by "the rulez".

Oops - I see that you saw my post on this back in January!
Back now, to listen to more...:-)