Friday, April 29, 2022

FRIDAY MUSIC: Kate Price, by JD

 Music from Kate Price who is a hammered dulcimer player and vocalist born in Salt Lake City, Utah. Price's music fuses folk music with elements of classical, jazz, and ethnic music, using instruments from around the world.

This is her web page but it does not contain very much information and seems to have sort of faded away in around 2015 or 2016 so I have no idea if she is still recording and/or performing or if she has moved on to other ventures. I bought a couple of her CDs more than 25 years ago, can't remember how or why I found her music but it has retained for me its ethereal charm.

Sonatina Montenegro - from the album sleeve notes:- "... dedicated to the memory of Milan Obradovich, an elderly Montenegran villager who spent many years of his life in a concentration camp. He taught me many things - what it is to savor life, how to dance with joy and the healing power of love.

The first movement is a traditional song. The second and third movements are based on dance rhythms from Macedonia and Bulgaria."

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