Sunday, August 28, 2022

COLOUR SUPPLEMENT: Colombian Coffee Art, by JD

We have all seen those pavement artists on their knees with boxes and boxes of chalk beavering away to produce reproductions of famous paintings. And we throw a few coppers into their hats in appreciation of their efforts and as a thank you for brightening up our day.

But this is a piece of pavement art with a difference....

The image comprises 3,604 cups of café con leche each cup with a different amount of milk in the coffee thus providing the variations in colour to produce the illusion of the Mona Lisa.

OK it was a publicity stunt for a coffee maker in Chinchiná, Colombia but no less spectacular for that.

1 comment:

Mark Wadsworth said...

Love it. Who cares who or why, somebody actually did it. The giant cup is also brilliant.