Friday, March 08, 2019

FRIDAY MUSIC: Pop's Golden Age, Part 2 - by JD

This is part two of music from that 'golden age' of the late fifties to early sixties which came across the ether from Radio Luxembourg and AFN. Gradually the joy faded after Buddy Holly and Eddie Cochran died, Elvis joined the army, the Everly Brothers enlisted in the marines, Chuck Berry was in prison, Little Richard found religion and Jerry Lee Lewis fell from grace when the British press found out that he had married his 14 year old cousin.

I was fortunate enough to see Eddie Cochran and Gene Vincent on that famous tour of 1960 which ended so tragically. Finally seeing them after hearing them on radio and record so often was wonderful and they did not disappoint us. Cochran in particular was every bit as good on stage as he was on his records, what a great loss he was.

But the music didn't die. There was a 'pause for breath' as it was absorbed by and had a major influence on the future stars of the British 'beat boom' who then exported it back to its homeland! I remember all of these records and more and bought a lot of them at the time from a small second hand shop which sold cameras among other things. They had old 45s from juke boxes and the discs were usually less than one year old, slightly battered and scratchy from use and they were played and played over and over again at home and at parties.

Most of those featured here are well known but a bit of background on three who you may not know-
The Coasters -
Jackie Wilson -
Clyde McPhatter -

Reading the comments beneath the YouTube videos there is a recurring theme; so many people being transported back in time with a smile on their faces and feeling sorry for the youngsters of today who are ill served with the plastic factory pap that passes for 'entertainment' now.

The final video below is Carl Perkins backed by many of those who idolised him in his prime including Dave Edmunds, George Harrison, Ringo Starr and Eric Clapton. Are they enjoying themselves or are they having a ball! (I used to dance like that in my younger days and occasionally in my middle age!) Ah yes, happy daze indeed.

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