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WEEKENDER: A Statutory Obligation, by Wiggia

Words in a government document sent to the people of Millom in Cumbria after they decided not go ahead with the dumping of illegal migrants there:

'The Home Office has a statutory obligation to house people seeking asylum, as well as having a commitment to ensuring people are housed across the entire UK, in line with our Full Dispersal plans and we are still keen that Cumberland meets its regional allocation.'

In the real world one would assume that there is a statutory obligation to house the indigenous first, but as recent events have shown obviously not.

The sheer amount of money going into accommodating the asylum seekers or economic migrants and then providing them with all their needs far outstrips any benefit they bring to the nation now or in the future, despite agencies saying the opposite; the Dutch report on the same problem showed the true extent of that lie.

This is an update to the original paper published in 2021 and quashed by the authorities at the time. I have used this before simply because no other outlet in this country is prepared to tell the truth on the matter.

The home office revealed that by 2026 we will be paying £11 billion a year to accommodate illegal migrants at the current rate. That is not only unsustainable but a slap in the face for the general public who pay for it all . It is no more than confirmation as to what most people with an interest in such matters knew beforehand. No longer do governments talk of spending millions badly, it is now billions - the Covid fiasco trained us all to think in billions and now that is what we get or not as the case may be.

It used to be a statutory obligation to reveal plans that affect the whole population to the public through Parliament. As I said a couple of weeks ago the petition to renounce the signing of the WHO treaty came up with a government message saying our sovereignty would not be overridden; this shows just how much notice we should take of government assurances. 

And the presence of Bill Gates quite openly being involved in decisions that affect European and the UK is an affront to democracy, the same democracy that our PM spoke about outside Number Ten the other night; and they wonder why the public have deserted their belief in the democratic system.

Meanwhile the WEF continues down its path to restrict all planet dwellers to a form of penury siding with the eco zealots in banning meat and now even growing your food.

If you read the whole paper it is your gardens they will be coming for next. The madness continues and still they flock to Davos to pay homage to this lunatic:

Remember this: Charles didn’t take long to rebuff convention to stay out of politics did he? What a wonderful example he is to all of us, pottering about in his methane powered Aston Martin fuel gathered from his own farms and then using a personal helicopter for all other trips; Clown World.

So statuary obligations are like London buses, none at all or ten arriving together half empty.

Very little of this gets into the MSM so few are even aware of what the WEF is or the influence it has. Governments should have a statutory obligation to ignore these organisations as they are unelected and have no mandate from anyone. I doubt that the manifestos printed for the upcoming GE will have any mention of them - why not?

Everyone with a brain knows the country is skint, not that that fact stops those in power from squandering billions on failed projects such as HS2 and the £5.5 billion on the Ajax armoured vehicle that is still flawed despite claims to the contrary (and oh, it is eight years late, probably out of date by now anyway.) How about another IT project? - they always end up so well; or a couple of extra aircraft carriers that have difficulty finding any planes to use them or actually leave port.

Perhaps we should have another inquiry into these failures so the legal profession can take even more money from the taxpayer and then claim ‘that lessons have been learned’ passim.

The future is here…

We are also obliged to fund endless foreign countries, in fact most of the world it appears. This (below) is the aid given since 2011; despite occasional necessity can anyone really say what we have gained from this largesse, yet our betters (?) claim it is an obligation. Most when studying the facts below would doubt it and almost certainly suggest better use of those funds on UK projects - it is not as if we don’t need them.

It is a statutory obligation to put into practice the will of the people following a referendum, not that the HoC tried very hard as 80% ‘knew better’ and we now have Theresa May standing down from politics - she of course in another life would have been spending time in the Tower. Theresa May 's response to the democratic will of the people was to try and sign a deal that would have left the UK trapped in the EU forever. People have been hanged for far lesser acts of treason, and within living memory; but today it is all eulogies to a person that along with so many others should never have had the keys to Number Ten.

‘We have not been well served’ is a phrase that is now too often appropriate such is the current malaise of the ruling classes.

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