Friday, May 12, 2017

Friday Night Is Music Night: Willie Nelson, by JD

Last month was Willie Nelson's 84th birthday.

He wrote his first song at the age of seven and started performong at the age of 10 according to Wiki which is why he seems to have been around forever. He is still writing songs and performing. His latest album, released earlier this year, is called "God's Problem Child " Two of the songs are included here including a very whimsical "Still Not Dead" which he wrote in response to internet rumours that he had died in 2015!

He has been a prolific songwriter as can be seen from this list-

Starting out in Nashville as a clean cut 'all American boy' writing and peforming, his most well known song is 'Crazy' which Patsy Cline turned into a huge hit. Willie then left Nashville and went home to Texas where he grew his hair long and became an 'outlaw' heading off in a different musical direction in a very successful partnership with Waylon Jennings.

He also developed a very distinctive sound and style on his very battered old acoustic guitar explained in a short video here and along the way he has recorded with artists as diverse as Julio Iglesias and Ray Charles.

On with the music!..................

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Twilight said...

Awwwww! I've been a great fan of Willie Nelson for many years - thanks for this JD - I can't watch all videos right now as evening meal beckons, but I shall bookmark the page for the morn.

Maybe I was reading your mind yesterday afternoon, because something sent me looking in YouTube for a couple of songs from WN's movie "Honeysuckle Rose" (one of which you feature here -"Angel flying too close to the ground". Then I felt the need to watch that film once more, so looked for a DVD - haven't ordered one yet but will do so. Seen it several times, but not for years. There are a couple of scenes in it that gave me goosebumps and that doesn't often happen to me re movies.