Friday, October 22, 2021

FRIDAY MUSIC: Paddy Moloney, a tribute, by JD

 Paddy Moloney of Irish tradtional folk group The Chieftains has died; he was 83.

"With a career spanning six decades, the Chieftains remains one of the most influential and heralded music groups to emerge from Ireland - and all led by Paddy Moloney, the charismatic performer at the heart of the group.

"In 1975, influential music publication Melody Maker ran its annual poll running down its best of the year, and there, claiming the honour of group of the year, was the Chieftains, beating the likes of Led Zeppelin, the Rolling Stones and Queen.

"That's a folk group, that performed largely vocal-less Irish traditional music while sitting down and whose image was largely 'guys in the back corner of a pub', beating some of the biggest groups to ever plug in an amplifier."

Paddy Moloney, The Chieftains founder, dies (1938 - 2021) RIP


The Chieftains also travelled to Galicia on several occasions and shared the stage with Carlos Nuñez in some very lively concerts. These two videos have appeared here previously but there is no harm in posting them again!

Below: Concerto de The Chieftains en Ortigueira 2014 con Phil Cunninghan, Milladoiro e a Escola de Gaitas; and beneath the video was this tribute to Paddy in the comments:

"Maybe that was the last chance to enjoy the live music of The Chieftains in Galicia, at least that was my last one. Now Paddy goes on his way to Tir na nOg, to meet there the greatest bards of all times. Galicia owns you many thing Paddy, as well as all the Celtic music world. Até sempre!"

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