Friday, May 06, 2022

FRIDAY MUSIC: John Dowland, by JD

John Dowland was an English composer of the Renaissance period.

Due to lack of historical archives, there is very little that is known about Dowland’s early life.

Some historians claim that he was born in 1563 somewhere near Dublin, as is claimed by the Irish Historian, Grattan Flood. Another historian, Thomas Fuller, claims that he was born in Westminster; however, no evidence has been found as to where he was born exactly, or as to where he spent his childhood. 

The accounts of his life begin in the year 1580, when he was sent to Paris to serve the ambassador to the French Court, Sir Henry Cobham. Dowland also served Sir Cobham’s successor, Sir Edward Stafford. 

After a period of four years, Dowland moved to England to pursue his love interest. It was in 1588 that Dowland was admitted to the Bachelors in Music program at Christ Church, Oxford.

You will notice Gordon Sumner aka 'Sting' in there. He recorded an album of Dowland songs in 2006.

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