Friday, August 19, 2022

FRIDAY MUSIC: Yuja Wang, by JD

Last Friday I watched the BBC Proms featuring the Chinese pianist Yuja Wang playing Franz Liszt's first piano concerto. A very good performance which she managed to surpass with her two 'encores', variations on Carmen by Bizet/Horowitz and then Gluck's Mort d'Orphée from Orfeo and Euridice. 

Her 'Carmen' was a fiery performance which received a huge ovation in the hall. And then with the Gluck she showed herself to be a very sensitive and excellent pianist!

I don't begrudge the licence fee when the Beeb is so consistently good with its music. For those who demand an end to the BBC, be careful what you wish for unless of course you wish for more Love Island or Britain's Got Talent and all the other dross served up by the commercial channels. For the commercial TV stations the viewer is the product being served up to the advertisers and nobody ever lost money by underestimating the public taste!

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