Friday, April 05, 2024

FRIDAY MUSIC: Elle and the Pocket Belles, by JD

Described by Glastonbury Festival programmer Chris Tofu as "The most saleable Electro Swing act I've ever seen", the group are reminiscent of a cross between classic 60s soul and 50s girl groups given a joyful and wry modern twist. As such they fit perfectly alongside other artists on the Freshly Squeezed record label.


Elle, Michaela, Chloé, Cat and Joanna

Elle & The Pocket Belles - See You Later (Official MV)

Old Fashioned // Lyric Video // Elle & The Pocket Belles

Elle & The Pocket Belles - Never Wanna Say Goodbye (Official MV)

Swingin' Together // Elle & The Pocket Belles

Get Down Tonight // Elle & The Pocket Belles


“Freshly Squeezed is a Brighton-based Independent Record Label of quality and innovation behind sounds like the electro swing phenomena. Roster of quirky, idiosyncratic music that you'd be unlikely to hear anywhere else. We believe it is our uncompromising quest for only the very best music that has enabled us to evolve from a small DIY label making videos on a shoestring (sometimes less) to becoming, since 2005, one of the survivors in our industry. On this channel you will see videos that we spent a little more time and money on. You will also see videos we made when we simply didn't have any budget at all. We hope you'll enjoy them all and that ultimately the quality of the music is what comes through.”

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