Friday, September 11, 2020

FRIDAY MUSIC: Miles Davis, by JD

'Perhaps the greatest jazz musician of the 20th century... Miles Davis is so important to jazz because of his ability to continually evolve. This evolution resulted in a continuous impact on the world of jazz that saw Miles move from bebop to helping found cool jazz, hard bop, third stream music, and fusion jazz, as well as staying in the avant-garde of jazz music for much of his career. His innovations forever changed jazz, and although a great trumpet player, he is most remembered for his stylistic innovations.'

- from the comments beneath the final video.

First tune here was the signature tune for a BBC TV arts programme many years ago but I can't remember which!

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wiggiatlarge said...

Miles of course along with a select few others 'bridged the gap' from Charlie Parker through the bebop era and on until he got into jazz fusion and outright pop all under the guise of exploration, much of the later work excluding Bitches Brew falls under the appreciated by pseuds category, though this period was his remunerative!
But his earlier work was sublime, almost the only trumpet player you could recognise after one note Kind of Blue still sells today in large numbers and has sold over five million copies enormous for a modern jazz album.