Friday, August 21, 2020

FRIDAY MUSIC: Dion Dimucci, by JD

I have been daydreaming and reminiscing, looking back at the music of my youth. Happy days! Or even happy daze.....

It was the beginning of 'rock and roll' coming over from the USA and among the early pioneers of the new sound were teenagers, white and black, who served their 'apprenticeship' singing on street corners in the inner cities.

Among the first who were commercially successful were Dion and the Belmonts and their first hit record was 'I Wonder Why' in 1958. This year, 2020, Dion released an album called 'Blues With My Friends' That is an astonishingly long career in the music business. He is now 81 years old but you would not know it listening to him now. His voice is as strong and as clear as it was all those years ago.

From the comments beneath the records/songs from the 1950s there is a strong feeling of nostalgia for that era even from those who were born too late to remember it directly:

"I love the 50s so much, it gives me a feeling like I'm home again, it feels like I used to live back then.. can anyone relate?"

"Remember listening to this song in 1259 when I was 5000 years old, you kids just don't know what it was like then."

"Dion has been married to the same woman since 1963 and is a Christian..he still writes songs the man is a class act."

"This era of music makes cleaning your house or any chore like putting together furniture a breeze. It's near impossible to listen to this stuff and not have a pep in your step!"

"Why is it that we all have the same nostalgic feeling for these times, even though most of us never even experienced it ? It's so magical."

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wiggiatlarge said...

Ah Dion and the Belmonts, the beginning of those party anthems we all tried to sing and failed, we had to wait for "She Loves You" to match that, great days standing around the Dansette record player in the front room listening to these numbers.