Friday, June 17, 2022

FRIDAY MUSIC: Albert Ketèlbey, by JD

Albert Ketèlbey (1875 - 1959) was an English composer, conductor & pianist born in Birmingham. He became famous for composing popular light music, much of which was used as accompaniments to silent films, and as mood music at tea dances.

You can read a full biography here -

This third video is Ronnie Ronalde whistling over the melody. He was never off the radio in the fifties and was popular with my parents' generation; maybe not popular but certainly different!


Mark In Mayenne said...

Gosh. I learned In A Persian Market as a learning pianist as a kid. I thought it was the bees' knees.

wiggiatlarge said...

Ronnie Ronalde was the whistling version of Peter Brough and Archie Andrews both could never be seen performing so you never knew if it was real or not, yet they made a career out of it.