Friday, March 29, 2024

Good Friday procession and music, by JD

 San Juaninos 2018. Viernes Santo Avilés 2018

Holy Week processions have been documented in the town of Avilés since the 17th century, although it acquired its current form throughout the 20th century in squares, churches, palaces, with the Town Hall Square as its epicenter.

The city has nine brotherhoods, the oldest being that of San Juan Evangelista. Some of the brotherhoods go out in procession simultaneously, holding meetings. The most popular is the Santo Entierro, where the brothers, all under 33 years old and known as San Juaninos, carry the Christ performing a dance with canes.

Holy Week concludes with a secular celebration, the Fiesta del Bollu on Easter Monday with a great feast in the streets, which has been declared a Fiesta of Tourist Interest.


Stabat Mater - Quando corpus morietur-Amen - G. B. Pergolesi


Nick Drew said...

This is most interesting. Have never been to that town - but the similarly-named Ávila‎ (an ancient walled city near Madrid) also holds big religious processions

What strikes me is the (relatively) syncopated beat to which the processions march, in both towns. (Not identical beats, however.) Far from the 1-2 Left-Right we tend to associates with marches in Britain. Perhaps all religious marches have such beats in Spain

you could also have posted the Karfreitagszauber from Parsifal. I might do it myself.

Sackerson said...

Please do!