Friday, November 18, 2022

FRIDAY MUSIC: Duo Del Mar, by JD

"Este es un dúo de guitarra peculiar. Son músicas del repertorio clásico español, y temas propios, más cercanos al flamenco."
Ekaterina Zaytseva/Marta Robles

Duo del Mar is a new project that unites two emergent figures of the actual musical panorama: the classical guitarist Ekaterina Zaytseva and Marta Robles, one of the few female soloist in the world of the flamenco guitar. Their repertoire mixes the pure flamenco elements and the classical music, interlacing rhythms and harmonies to show all the expressive possibilities of the Spanish guitar. Baroque sonatas that were inspired with popular rhythms and melodies, romantic works that evoke the modernist Barcelona or contemporary creation pieces where the classical language fuses with flamenco.

Duo del Mar, Ekaterina Záytseva and Marta Robles, are both members of Barcelona’s extremely active classical-guitar and flamenco scene. Záytseva grew up in Russia, but has lived in Spain the past ten years, playing as a solo artist and also in various configurations, including the Barcelona 4 Guitars. Robles is best known for her flamenco work and her folkish duo collaboration with singer Alba Carmona, but is also adept at straight classical and plays other styles.

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