Saturday, April 16, 2022

WEEKENDER: Who really governs us? by Wiggia

This is another of those statements that a few years ago would be laughed at and consigned to a conspiracy theory bin. Today, not so much, as one item after another post Covid unravels; despite scant reporting in the MSM we should be asking questions on who, what and why certain actions were taken almost universally across the western world.

Was it just coincidence with lockdowns being prescribed by everyone at the same time, or was it just  a reaction from an indolent political class following the course that China had embarked on and thinking ’we have no other solution so let's follow that’? Anything sounds plausible in this clown world we currently live in.

Well in retrospect nothing really worked in the way that was described other than delaying everything to save the NHS, which needs saving from itself.

It has been interesting during the Covid period to see how groups have used the distraction to further their own aims, something I have alluded to in previous pieces. Nowhere has it been more evident than with the unelected WEF who have seemingly never been off the front pages with their ‘you will own nothing and be happy’ slogan. In normal circumstances they could be ignored, even laughed at and to a degree have been for years, yet suddenly during the pandemic they were anything but ignored; they took a centre stage role. Western leaders flocked in private jets to their forums and returned never explaining to the populace that elected them why they went in the first place and Klaus Schwab in his Ming the Merciless outfit has started to recruit ‘young global leaders’ to his WEF gang.

What is going on? If he is as insignificant as many say why do the political elite all make pilgrimages to his Davos forums? Something is not very democratic about all this and when you see Macron making WEF signs in public like an outed masonic lodge member one does start to think there is more to this than meets the eye.

Should we be concerned? I have no idea but an organisation that attracts Bono and private-jet-addicted Leonardo de Caprio to its fold is a bit worrying for reasons that don’t need explaining.

He set up his Young Global Leaders program in 2004 and now it includes actual leaders of western countries, the most prominent being Justin Trudeau, and half his cabinet are also adherents to the WEF; did anyone know this when they voted for him?

Emmanuel Macron, currently in the running to win another term as French president is also an advocate of the WEF and a YGL. How much of that was included in his speeches to the nation in recent times? Yet here he is making along with others the sign of the WEF:

And never far away from all this are George Soros and Bill Gates. Soros has been pouring money into the pockets of organisations he approves of or wants to influence for decades, Bill Gates more recently
and in a much more public fashion. Again, why is he sitting in on a government team dealing with Covid? The blank given to a FOI request is telling:

And why did Boris give the Gates foundation several hundred million for vaccine development when we were developing our own? One would have thought that Gates' allegedly disastrous Indian vaccine campaign would have excluded him from anything to do with vaccines. Whatever the truth the Indian government have rolled back the program:

If nothing else there appears to be no justification for governments to wed themselves to organisations that are unelected, in this way. All governments take advice from experts in various fields of manufacturing business and the sciences, but when money is being taken from the same it should be transparent at the very least; but despite government assurances on being ever more transparent they are anything but in many areas.

So how much clout do these individuals and organisations have from outside of government? This goes further than lobbying Parliament which itself has become tainted with backhanders and non-disclosure.
The fact that huge sums of money have disappeared in fraudulent companies and individuals during the pandemic with just a nod to the actuality again gives the impression rightly that politics is now out of the little people's hands. Whoever and whatever we vote for we get an ever more watered down version of democracy, hence the immediate slamming of anything that is populist: after all, we can’t have anything the people who pay for it all having something they actually want, so populism becomes grouped with far right and probably Hitler.

It does seem that globalisation has become in itself a form of government. Huge financial clout on the world stage gives ever more power in the political arena to those who pull the strings behind the screen and now ever more in front of it. The demise of the West that is currently gaining pace might just see a great reset of a sort not envisaged by the WEF or any of its adherents.

Who is pulling his strings…?

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