Saturday, November 02, 2019

Eco Loonery Addendum, by Wiggiatlarge

Shortly after my post on Eco Loonery was posted, two of the most cynical statements were issued by the government. Two aims can be gleaned from these measures and neither is for the benefit of the country, only for themselves.

Firstly they announced a halt to fracking amid fears of earthquakes. The fact no earthquakes have emanated from fracking sites world wide gives credibility to Jeremy Corbyn's statement, of all people. This is an election stunt. Why we should sit on 400 years of coal and shale gas but buy expensive Russian gas is a complete mystery. We are evermore going down the road of expensive and unreliable energy with wind and sun as the main suppliers.

I can only assume with no real evidence of earthquakes, just unfounded fears, that votes in the area with an election in the offing are more important than future independent energy supplies. Why are we not investing in clean coal and gas and preferring to buy in supplies as we are with gas and nuclear power from France? We are at the mercy of pricing over which we have no control. Madness.

The second item is even more daft. It would appear that Extinction Rebellion's desire to have "citizens' assemblies" to dictate or advise on eco policies has been given the green light, by the same government! 30,000 people will be asked at random if they wish to participate and then people will be selected to put forward their views.

Thirty thousand would seem like a large number but is a very small segment of the population at large.

The obvious and deliberate flaw in this is that you can bet no one who is not a climate change believer will be selected. So the likelihood is that those on the assembly platform will be almost certainly rabid eco loons as they will all be pushing to be selected, whereas others will not bother and the so called denier faction will be filtered out. We will then have XR actually pushing their agenda through a supposedly democratic means which of course it won't be.

You would think a government responsible for treating the country with contempt for three and a half years and rising would start to see the light but no, reverting to type and ignoring the people and giving in to minorities whatever the issue is now de riguer it seems.

Can we do anything ? Well voting them all out would be a start, but it will not happen. We seem to have an elite that is determined to ruin this country in so many ways, and they are succeeding.


Sackerson said...

JD comments:

Glad you illustrated the madness of the woodchip supply to Drax. We are sitting on 400+ years of coal reserves and before it became fashionable to have a 'climate crisis' the NCB were world leaders in clean coal technology. I remember Jakob Bronowski explaining his 'briquette' he had developed to cut down on the smoke/soot. But it was all swept away after the demise of the coal industry. The Coal Research Establishment was eventually sold off to a Dutch company in 1994.

And this recent challenge from Piers Corbyn to debate 'climate change' We must declare war on termites! Now!!
"...termite CO2/Methane production (which is significantly more in net supposed “greenhouse” effect than Man’s – and thus it is questionable as to why we have not declared war on termites)"

Piers is obviously more intelligent than his brother!

Paddington said...

I did think that it was unlikely that fracking would cause earthquakes. It was certainly plausible that there could be groundwater contamination, as was claimed in Pennsylvania and elsewhere.

Then I talked to a geologist at our university, who explained that the number of quakes in Oklahoma has increased enormously since fracking began.

At this point, I am honestly not sure.