Friday, February 12, 2021

FRIDAY MUSIC: Music for donkeys (Christopher Ameruoso), by JD

 Since we have now gone 'through the looking glass' to an upside down, back to front world, it is time for some light relief. We are in desperate need of some!

Music for Animals & Swamp Rock Music and this is provided by Christopher Ameruoso who plays a home made guitar fashioned from a cigar box. His guitar has three strings only (who needs more than three?) and from it he produces some wonderful slide blues with which he entertains his various animals in his animal rescue sanctuary. It looks as though they enjoy his music and join in occasionally! As well as being a fine musician he is or was a well known photographer of 'stars' with their pets.

There are more videos at this link, some of them less than one minute long and featuring music with lots of different animals, even a tame(?) brown bear!

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