Friday, February 02, 2024

FRIDAY MUSIC: Russophonia Dva, by JD

 This time from the Otta Orchestra I mentioned a few weeks ago, a seven piece all female 'orchestra' often supplemented by 'real' symphony orchestras on stage and in their albums:

"OTTA-orchestra is a Russian female instrumental group. Li Otta, whose name formed the basis of the band's name, is the band's composer and arranger. The group plays her music. The mention of the word orchestra is also not accidental. Music is based on the orchestral style of new age, world music.
The origin of the group dates back to 2007. At this time, Li Otta was brought in as an orchestrator to work with Russian guitarist DiDuLay. This is how his album “Music of Unmade Films” was born in 2007, which began the close collaboration of these two creative people working in the genre of instrumental music."
OTTA-orchestra - Dejavu (Unofficial Video)

OTTA-orchestra "Bolero Gorgona"

Otta-Orchestra & SaadiAnvar - "Arabica"

OTTA-orchestra "Husky"

OTTA-orchestra "Royal Safary"(FullHD&HiFi audio)

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