Friday, April 23, 2021


Another musician who defies categorisation is Sun Ra with his fabulous Arkestra(sic), who claimed to have been born on the planet Saturn and took his inspiration from Ancient Egypt! 

He was a jazz composer and keyboard player who led a free jazz big band known for its innovative instrumentation and the theatricality of its performances. Listening to his music it is hard to believe he was hired by Fletcher Henderson as pianist and arranger in the late 1940s! Whether you love or hate his music, it is impossible to ignore him or his influence on American music.

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wiggiatlarge said...

Every music lover should at least one album of Sun Ra's musik, it keeps you sane, despite his out of this world pieces a lot of his stuff is actually good, the rendition here of Round Midnight features a very good sax solo and 'himself' when he forgot his presence on Saturn played a mean Hammond organ.