Friday, November 17, 2017

FRIDAY MUSIC: Dave Nachmanoff, by JD

"Not many people get to realize their early dreams - Dave Nachmanoff dreamt of working with singer/songwriter Al Stewart, and now tours as his lead guitarist and accompanist, and often as his opening act. From performing with folk legend Libba Cotten at the age of 9, to playing in a rock band with his two brothers, Dave went on to earn a PhD in philosophy and slowly build a grassroots following touring all over the US, first on his own, and later with Al Stewart. In addition to frequent touring, he is now writing and recording custom songs for people and using his recording studio to produce other artists as well. A truly independent musician, Dave's career is varied and never predictable."

1 comment:

Woodsy42 said...

Yes, he's very talented indeed, and a genuinely nice chap if you catch him to talk to after a show. I have one of his plectrums here - but sadly it doesn't work very well when I try and use it.
I's nice to see someone else who has heard of him.