Friday, February 22, 2019

FRIDAY MUSIC: Taimane Gardner, Ukelele Virtuosa, by JD

So I was half watching a thing on TV called "Islands of America" and having an after dinner doze when I heard some music. Opened my eyes and saw a Hawaiian lady playing the ukelele, an instrument introduced to the islands in the nineteenth century by Portuguese immigrants.

But this one sounded rather different so I sat up and watched and listened. This was an amplified version and I noticed that it had five strings as opposed to the usual four strings. The unusual arrangement of the strings can be seen clearly in the first video below. The player was Taimane Gardner and she was very good, excellent in fact.

I love good music, wherever it comes from!

Sackerson adds: 

This clip of Taimane is one of the "Top 10 Ukulele Moments" selected by Guitar World magazine last year:

and I didn't know about the instrument's Portuguese (and Brazilian) connections...

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