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Saturday, October 23, 2021

BACKTRACK: Featured hits of 1961

Click the link for the record, and news of the time:

Shirley BASSEY - Reach For The Stars
Petula CLARK - Romeo
Jimmy DEAN - Big Bad John
EVERLY Brothers - Temptation
Billy FURY - Halfway To Paradise
Billy FURY - Jealousy
Eden KANE - Well I Ask You
Cleo LAINE - You'll Answer To Me
John LEYTON - Johnny Remember Me
John LEYTON - Wild Wind
Ricky NELSON - Hello Mary Lou
Elvis PRESLEY - His Latest Flame
Elvis PRESLEY - Surrender
Elvis PRESLEY - Wild In The Country
Cliff RICHARD - A Girl Like You
The SHADOWS - Kon-Tiki
Del SHANNON - Runaway
Helen SHAPIRO - Walking Back To Happiness
Helen SHAPIRO - You Don't Know
Frankie VAUGHAN - Tower Of Strength

1 comment:

Scrobs. said...

Many years ago, I was a pleasant chum with a lovely lady who was a singer in a jazz cklub in Hastings.

She was great fun, and began to make some vibes in London, with some sort of 'agent' who turned out to be useless!

But there is a plot to this, as another pal told me that when 'Big spender' was written, she was pencilled in for the song, but the 'agent' found that Shirley Bassey might want it, and so she did!

My old lovely friend is unwell, in another country on her own, so I heard.

Bummer really...