Saturday, July 24, 2021

WEEKENDER: Still Not at Peak Wokery? by Wiggia

Some things today would be quite funny if they were not so numerous, tedious and in some cases dangerous. It is not unlike that old habit of when someone says ‘in my day all we had (insert favourite phrase)', someone else would trump it with 'nothing like as bad as ...), only this time it is in reverse: wokery for some has become a means of staying in the limelight, of having their fifteen minutes of fame by being total twats, there can be no other rational reason for much of what we see today.

And then when the embedded troops of woke progressives use their platforms, whether uni, social media, print, whatever to push for change in areas that really no one gives a jot about, you are met with this daily tsunami of irrelevant word soup.

Institutions from the NHS, National Trust, Police, government, building regulations and down are all immersed in this nonsense, and it is nonsense. Even our local town council are proudly pictured with a bench that has a rainbow theme across it; why? What will it achieve other than for those councillors to somehow feel they have done their bit to keep up with the lunacy?

The entrance roads to our main hospital have signs in the road thanking NHS workers on a rainbow banner. Is the NHS run by LBGT++++ staff only? They also fly a rainbow flag on the main building, that they say is to show how inclusive they are. Inclusive? They are there to treat sick people. Will flying a rainbow flag shorten waiting lists, improve treatment, build more hospitals? That is all the general public care about with the NHS, not flags or right-on statements.

Shell are getting in on the act with the ‘diversity is our strength’ meme: four petrol stations are to follow four in the Netherlands with the rainbow stripes all round the canopy of the service stations. If they have been successfully using people from the LGBT community in their business, fine; why would someone going to fill their car up with what Shell sell be needed to be told what is company policy. Just stick to selling petrol, while you still can.

I honestly believe that the sheer amount of trans posts on social media is a sign of the mentally inept. None of this existed until a few years ago. When did you ever see one of these stupid tattooed, pierced, clown-dressed people in real life? Now if the number on social media are to go by there is one on every street corner; only there isn’t. It is a way for many to be recognised, a sort of alternative to the perfect teeth, plastic boob, suntanned abs brigade on Love Island: can’t aspire to that, so let's pretend we are something else and wear nonsense clothing and bugger our bodies up with bad artwork, then we can be unemployable and spend our time on Tik Tok making ‘controversial’ videos. There are dozens of them, all pathetic people clamouring for their fifteen minutes or less of fame; you have probably seen some but I include one below.

Despite the apparent flood of these types of people there is nothing new in it. Narcissism has been around since the beginning of time, it just has more outlets for those who suffer from it to parade it.

Is this a snobbish attitude? Not in any way: there is nothing wrong in being different; it is why you are different that matters, not following some false construct of society.

My own early life was very different. Post war, there was very little money going round; you made do with what you had, there was no real place for anything outside of getting by.

In the Sixties things changed: we had money, jobs were easy to come by and we enjoyed ourselves riding on the crest of a music revolution. It was - but we didn’t know it - the best of times. We had people who would qualify for TOWIE or Love Island then, the young men were called poseurs and the young women who believed just being would attract a like soul and played it hard were called East End Queens, both were generally ignored; today they are admired. Plus ça change...

This one contains all the affectations that many others do, apart from the look. This is quite mild, you have the orchestrated speech and the hand movements that so many of them display, and oh how clever they are, many hours in front of a mirror for a few seconds of rubbish on Tik Tok.

And convince me these two are for real; quite gross:

Back on planet Earth, the push for change for no other reason than those pushing live in a closed environment with like minded souls, produces nonsense like this…..

They are now running out of things to hang a racist slur on - I shouldn’t say that as it tempts providence, but Anna Sewell's ‘Black Bess’ must be in the firing line; and the Lloyds Bank black horse ad must be for the chop, far too provocative; and how long can Black Pudding escape censure?

Inevitably Enid Blyton, the second most successful author in history with 6,000 million sales, ‘lacks literary merit’. The little black doll has sealed her fate for good; even the fact all her works are written in a different age does not save her from being cancelled or well on the way to be, I am amazed her old home hasn’t been razed to the ground or at least the equivalent of a yellow star painted on the door.

With the National Trust now putting up explanatory notices next to any object that could have even the slightest connections to slavery, I fully expect the next time I visit Rome to see the same in the Forum and Coliseum, or not; totally bonkers.

In America wokeness has reached new levels, since insisting that the military have trans and LGBT+++ people in front line units and pregnant women flying fighter planes. Now the CIA have started their march to full wokeness with this video for recruitment; more nonsense, more word salad:

Many on the Liberal and progressive Left have taken on the role of apologists for the white race for actually being in existence at all. 'White supremacy' like 'racist' has lost its meaning and has no validity in how it is used, tagged on to the end of countless sentences as a means of finality in any discussion on any subject on race that happens to occur. It means that having used the aforementioned there is nothing else to say, they have won.

Big corporations everywhere are joining in. Some have backed the wrong horse in order to appear progressive. Coke in the USA said this about the voter legislation regarding voter fraud in Georgia:

“We want to be crystal clear and state unambiguously that we are disappointed in the outcome of the Georgia voting legislation.”

Putting their oar in and basically coming down on the side of the Democrats is not something any company should do, whatever the party. The backlash was huge and they backed down two weeks later with this:

“We believe the best way to make progress now is for everyone to come together to listen respectfully, share concerns and collaborate on a path forward. We remain open to productive conversations with advocacy groups and lawmakers who may have differing views,” the company said. “It’s time to find common ground. In the end, we all want the same thing – free and fair elections, the cornerstone of our democracy.”

So why get involved in the first place. It serves no purpose and has absolutely nothing to do with a commercial enterprise. What they do privately donation-wise is something between them and the shareholders; the rest, butt out.

They are one of a whole phalanx of companies that feel making woke statements is the way forward, or their business strategists suggest they should not be left behind by those already on the ladder to peak wokeness.

This nonsense from IKEA:

“Swedish-founded giant IKEA is the latest company to announce it has stopped advertising on the newly-founded GB News following outrage from left-wing activists threatening to boycott if they don’t suspend advertising on the channel.

A statement from the company suggested the channel was not aligned with its “humanistic values”, despite it only being on air for a total of two days.”

So IKEA caved in to a small group of vociferous lefty activists who declare that GB News is a far-right news organisation despite the fact they could not have watched any of it. What have IKEA to fear? It would not make one iota of difference if they had simply ignored the activists, but it seems these days  no one can resist being seen to be on the side of the progressives.

Education meanwhile on both sides of the pond carries on regardless of what anyone outside of the institutions thinks. Here we are mimicking what has been going on in the States for some time, with what used to be standard methods of learning being outed as racist; such things as basic English, doing your allotted homework and even maths are now seen as white man's privilege and no longer required in the learning process for black students. How this non-learning and the subsequent awarding of diplomas without actually doing the graft will be viewed in the workplace is itself now open to question as again certain institutions are going along with this, which makes a university course and grades all a bit pointless.

As I said above, we are not that far behind and 150 dons are threatening to down tools unless Oriel College do something about that pesky Rhodes statue that has resisted being removed so far. After all, wherever the money came from it was he who made the college possible and Rhodes scholars from Africa have benefited, though today even those who are benefiting would rather not, despite none of them going home in protest.

The instigator of this is said to be one Dr Kate Tunstall, a French literature expert  known as Red Kate and interim provost at the self-styled ‘People’s Republic of Worcester College’. After sending an email out she has garnered the support of 150 dons who believe that they will not teach until the Rhodes statue is removed; the rest of the illuminati backing Red Kate can be seen here, no surprises at all.

What is surprising in its scale is the support: 150 dons! If ever there was an indication of how far the long march through the institutions has managed to progress, this is it. In reality they should all be told 'either teach or be sacked'. This type of person should never be teaching anyone, it should be that simple; but again there is no fight back, instead there are accommodating statements. The lack of moral fibre at the top is frightening and damning.

That ultimate institution of wokery the UCLA has now got a problem with soap dispensers, the automatic variety: evidently they don’t recognise dark pigment in skin and black pupils have to show their palms, which are lighter, to make them work. The fact that you dispense soap into the palm of your hand and not anywhere else escapes them: they think all soap dispensers of this type are a product of white supremacy and are naturally racist. Having inanimate objects saddled with human frailties is a new one but then they have only just started in this area.

All this is enough to make you want to join a protest or even riot in objection to the sheer stupidity of it all, but wait, you can’t even do that without having th term 'racist' attached to the riot. We are truly living in a dystopian world, or at least one set of people think we are; the rest of us think it is all nuts:


Mark In Mayenne said...

It's a long long time since I read anything in the Bible, but isn't there something about not judging lest you be judged, and how the sun rises equally on the just and on the unjust?

It's about time companies took a deep breath and explained that they sell their products to anyone who wants to buy them, without judgement, even to lefties and deplorables alike.

decnine said...

Anna Sewell's book was titled 'Black Beauty' - which ought to be OK with the Wokers; except maybe for Cultural Appropriation.

Knocking down a house is 'razing', not 'raising'.

Sackerson said...

@decnine: oops! Amended, thanks !

Scrobs. said...

I'm sure that Brownings Farm, in the village of Blackboys, near Heathfield, East Sussex, are wondering where they stand on all this...