Friday, February 25, 2022

FRIDAY MUSIC: Henry Purcell's Tavern Songs, by JD

Henry Purcell (1659 - 1695)

One of the most famous English composers was featured in a recent BBC2 programme which I watched and enjoyed last week. One thing I did not previously know was that Purcell was to be found in the taverns of London regularly enjoying a drink or three and he wrote a number of tavern songs some of which were rather rude. (I have been trying to find lyrics but have not so far found any)

As a variation on the usual Friday music format I have selected a few of the songs and added a link at the bottom to The Deller Consort's rendition of sixteen of the songs for you to enjoy at your leisure ( and sing along if you are so inclined!)

Come, let us drink. Henry Purcell

Henry Purcell -- Sir Walter enjoying his damsel -- Deller Consort

Once, Twice, Thrice

Henry Purcell -- The Miller's daughter -- Deller Consort

Purcell: Z 360. Bacchus is a pow'r divine - Abadie (live)

Purcell: Pox On You - Dante Ferrara

At the Tavern (Extract no.2)

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16 of Henry Purcell's Tavern Songs by the Deller Consort -

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