Sunday, November 13, 2022

COLOUR SUPPLEMENT: It's Surreal Thing, by JD

 Surrealistic brandy!

This bottle of Conde de Osborne "solera gran reserva" brandy is unique as the bottle, its label and the presentation box were designed for Osborne by Salvador Dalí who received the commission in 1964. The prototype for the milk glass decanter was handblown by Vidriera Catalana and is crowned by an indigo ceramic stopper created by potter Antoni Cumella.

The brandy bottle you see above is one I bought at some point in the 80s in Spain. I had seen them on the shelves behind the bar in one or two of the 'up market' bars, the ones tarted up to look like a typical English pub as imagined in the minds of romantically inclined foreign persons. One day I was asking the barman to tell me the story behind the design and I asked if he would sell me a bottle which he did. (I can't remember how much I paid but they occasionally pop up on ebay and sell for £25 or so not that I want to sell mine, I was just curious.)

It is indeed a very fine brandy and the Salvador Dalí influence has undoubtedly filtered through to the bottle's contents; after two or three glasses of that very smooth liquid the world begins to look like a Dalí painting!

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