Friday, May 31, 2024

FRIDAY MUSIC: More music from Galicia, by JD

Mercedes Peón - Marés Vivas (O Mar de Portozás), Adoro Galiza

If you are wondering what they are doing climbing over the rocks on the coast of Galicia, they are harvesting Gooseneck Barnacles. They are known as Percebes when they are served in restaurants and they are delicious as well as being very expensive.

"Europeans call the barnacles percebes, and in Spain and Portugal, they fetch a pretty penny. Combined with a lack of economic opportunities, this lures fishermen in Galicia, Spain, to Costa de la Muerte—the Coast of Death. As the name suggests, multiple sea-battered men have died among rough waves and strong tides while prying these prized morsels from beneath the water line."

Malvela - "O Pirimpimpín"

"Labregos" - Carlos Valcárcel & Fuxan os Ventos

Fuxan os Ventos - 'Muller' (con Mercedes Peón)

Fuxan Os Ventos O meu amor e mariñeiro

Susana Seivane - Gaitera Celta

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