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WEEKENDER: A week to remember - for all the wrong reasons, by Wiggia

If nothing else COP26 has managed to bring out the sheer lunacy of it all. It has been a jamboree of the insane, as thousands of delegates wearing products made from petroleum by-products fly in on private planes. No need to analyse just look at the tweets comments and headlines from this week; as Ronald Reagan once said…

'As government expands, liberty contracts.'


Hypocrisy surfaced again in abundance this week and among the best examples are the blustering SNP loon who tweeted this on his way to the Climate Conference…

                                                                                                                                                                                 Sports people had to get in on the act...

Yet only a short while back Murray was saying this…

Other ‘helpful’ hints on how to save the world came from the Guardian…

Then we had world leaders? demanding an end to deforestation. All well and good but you then - as with red meat - selectively make those countries poorer; and the land which has been turned into agricultural use to grow soya (which is used as feed for our pigs and chickens) and also crops to use in bio fuels (which we are now told are the way forward) has to come from somewhere else' and who pays for the countries' enforced austerity. Once again, we do.

Moving on, the Czech PM calls out the EU on its climate proposals; pretty boring to see through to but he makes a point that won't be listened to.

After that Boris reads the riot act to the world as he states we are all doomed and must follow his advice…

This was Boris on green matters four years ago when he was following the science!

In his lucrative weekly column he wrote: “It is fantastic news that the world has agreed to cut pollution and help people save money but I am sure that those global leaders were driven by a primitive fear that the present ambient warm weather is somehow caused by humanity; and that fear – as far as I understand the science – is equally without foundation”

Still we can all change our minds when money and women are involved…

Back on planet Earth... (htp to GP)

“Follow the Science

Only 0.8% of the world’s population lives in the UK. Just 3.3% of the world’s economic activity takes place here, most of it in services rather than in high-carbon producing manufacturing and heavy industries. We consume 0.5% of the world’s coal and 1.2% of the world’s electricity. Only 0.04% of the earth’s atmosphere is CO2. According to government statistics, the 2010s were colder than the 2000s.
What happens here makes no difference to the global climate. The UK commitment to carbon zero is a farce.

Use Less

By all means, insulate your homes and save money. But insulation-max is a nonsense, requiring another layer of masonry to be built around the outside of your house. The place has to be hermetically sealed and new equipment installed to dehumidify the resulting ventilation free space. All doors and windows have to be replaced. Your house will have to be dug up to install the heat pump, wider pipes and bigger radiators. The heat pump will not heat the dwelling and residents will be buying electricity at 20p/KWh (instead of gas a 3.83p/KWh) to make up the difference. In Italy, insulation-max is budgeted at E100,000+ per family home. This is unaffordable except for a small number of government-funded virtue signalling dwellings.

Having said that, it doesn’t matter how many efficiencies are made domestically, a rising population, compulsory electric cars and replacing gas central heating with electric-powered heat pumps will suck the National Grid dry.”

Returning to more humorous items we have the begging bowl coming out…

Of course she is…

One of several nations demanding we spend to save them; from what exactly? The money if given will follow that well worn path into El Presidente's Swiss bank account via his new private jet. The Marshall Islands representative was also called before the cameras to show their low lying islands under threat from non rising sea levels; what any monies would achieve if the sea actually rose to cover a group of low lying islands which number around twenty is a total mystery. Just perhaps we should wait to see if any sea level rises actually occur before sending monies, after all the Maldives were supposed to be underwater by now but everything looks exactly the same as it always did.

Even if sea levels are rising, that has been a pattern over millennia: land, islands have disappeared and reappeared. We as a nation were connected to mainland Europe until a glacier created the English Channel and the separation started, long before global warming or whatever they call it this month.

Boris again excels himself while being interviewed by Justin Rowlatt, an equally unbelievable figure: not only does he declare he has ‘passionately believed in environmental affairs for some time’ (see above) but among other ridiculous claims he wants to see the end to commuting - this, having just decided it is open season for the builders to put up houses in green belt anywhere. This I suppose presumes all work from home and no one ever has to come into an office of any sort; not feasible, not practical and again bollox as he has to commute to various places for meetings etc. in his everyday life all the time - wasn’t it a commute to Glasgow? Total fraud.

The pit in question that the lunatic interviewer is going on about is for coking coal for our steel industry such as it is. Boris of course by stopping this coal mine is depriving a run down area of jobs and it means we either buy in coal for our steel industry or give that up and buy steel from abroad, which rather defeats the object. Are these people serious?

Justin Rowlatt(BBC environment correspondent) rips into Boris Johnson over short-haul flights & the Cumbrian coal mine. JR - It makes you look a little bit weaselly not answering the coal question Boris Johnson - I'm not in favour of more coal, but it's not my decision

Who looks the more ‘weaselly’? I leave you to judge.

Back in Scotland a CNN reporter reports from …

And Joe Biden shows us all how to reduce our carbon footprint by cycling - oh, wait…

One of these vehicles is I am told a mobile toilet for old poopy pants, and the rest are carrying nurses.

The carbon footprint of Bidens trip is staggering…

Over in Ireland, a reaction to Bojo’s gas emission reductions...

World leaders agreed a deal yesterday to curb emissions of the planet’s second-most polluting greenhouse gas as Boris Johnson expressed optimism for success at the Glasgow climate change conference.

The prime minister said that two days of talks had given a “sense” of how the world could achieve the cuts needed in greenhouse gases.

Meanwhile in the real world:

A report by KPMG commissioned by weekly newspaper the Irish Farmers Journal found that using anticipated government targets for reducing greenhouse gases in the agriculture sector 1.3 million cattle would need to be culled, 13,000 jobs would be lost and billions of pounds in economic output lost.

Also in Scotland, an ice patch in the Cairngorms  has melted for only the eighth time time in 300 years; a sure sign of climate change they say,  despite the fact it first melted 300 years ago shows the climate hasn’t changed at all.

The bacon butty muncher put in a reappearance on the Andrew Marr show to talk about banning all domestic flights. No doubt he brought that up in Glasgow… after flying there.

Boris again in Rome pre Glasgow: Rome fell because of uncontrolled immigration - funny, I thought that was Conservative policy…

Greta the doom goblin has grown up, or at least would like to think that by swearing she has somehow become of age; all I see is a replica of her parents as failed actors.

Ursula von der Leyen likes flying as it is revealed after flying to Glasgow. She actually among many air taxi trips flew 31 miles in one, hardly time to buckle up; still, her moment of truth speech went down well no doubt.

Celebrities have all had a good whack at being seen as virtual signalling hypocrites, none more so than Joanne Lumley who appears to have gone full Tonto in ‘appealing’ to the British nation. Her carbon footprint, if you care about these things is probably just behind Joe Biden's, but in her latest incarnation she begs us all to do our bit; her bit will probably be getting on a plane again to do another travelogue or save some far off indigenous people - actually she is filming in Rome and travelling by coracle.

These are tough times,' she said. 'We might even have to go back to some kind of rationing, where you're given a certain number of points and it's up to you how to spend them – whether it's buying a bottle of whisky or flying in an aeroplane.'

Joanna, who has previously campaigned against single-use plastic, also said people should cut back on weekend breaks abroad and stop eating meat.

Speaking to Radio Times, she added: 'We've got to think that everything we do will make the place better – every plastic bottle you don't buy, every piece of litter you pick up, every piece of meat you don't eat. Every small thing counts.'

After reading that the only thing I want to do is open a bottle of whisky.

Meat again; the lab producers must be rubbing their collective hands together, time for farms in the sky to re emerge… And the hemp weavers' cooperative to leap into action.

Good rant on here as well….

Are they happy to hear Jeff Bezos declare that his little jolly into space made him realise how fragile the planet is? This wasn’t a mission to discover anything. It didn’t advance scientific knowledge one iota. It was a dick in a dick-shaped rocket pumping out CO2 so he could literally look down on us all. It achieved nothing more. It demonstrated that the rich can go into space for a look around, while the rest of us won’t be allowed to go into the local pub unless we obey their commands.

Mark Strong the actor has declared he wants to see more everyday climate events on TV so we get used to behaving that way, like plugging in electric cars and recycling. The latter we all do with our green bins and few have EVs for the obvious reasons. Do people want to see actors filling bins and plugging in cars they can’t afford? I think they would rather be entertained,

Another little gem in the same issue of the Times was the report from NY university about plants growing in the driest place on earth, the Atacama desert having potential for future crops in a world of high temperatures. Well yes, except the scientists are constantly working on different strains of seeds to grow well in all sorts of extreme climates; so what is new, other than more funding?

At the dinner all are waiting to see if Macron was ordering the fish!

And Carrie Nut Nuts has assumed the role we all believed she had anyway at the top table.

Plus Prince Charles is now a country in his own right.

And Joe Biden is kept as far away as possible from everyone else after his Vatican ‘bathroom incident’

Just before COP week the ever smug always right Chris Packham made his bid to ‘rewild’ Britain. This involves letting loose all sorts of predatory and destructive animals long since gone from our countryside; he also feels the royal estates need turning into replicas of Jurassic Park.

Not sure what the strange hats signify, but hey each to his own. The wild boar bit may be a step too far as this news appeared...


A slight flaw in that study is if wild boar release all that carbon God knows what farmers release world wide when ploughing fields and all gardening must cease immediately. Cheers for those two, eco loonery at its finest.

One wonders what is really said behind closed doors. Do they swap notes on impending doom, do they compare master plans to stop heat waves, rising ? sea levels and drought, or is it all a sham and the reality is much nearer to home…

It is of course all hot air and that is banned as well. 

Still I leave you with this: if Greta is now allowed to swear then I can finish with something rude; goodnight!

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