Monday, January 10, 2022

START THE WEEK: The Truth Will Out (About Greenery), by Wiggia


If there is one thing over the last few weeks that is encouraging, to a degree, it is the drip drip of snippets of information regarding the Green Agenda. Anyone with half a brain can see that we have been fed lies and ‘adjusted’ information in the form of statements about going forward; some has been picked up and put out there but few would have seen these basic facts.

But dig a little deeper and it can be seen that the government is rowing back on red lines as more and more obvious faults in their essay to save the planet are shown to be unfeasible and downright dishonest.

Rather like the claim about 90% of hospital patients with coronavirus being unvaxed, a fact that has been successfully debunked, the same goes for ‘facts' about energy production, or in our case the lack of.

The Government has no problem calling alternative opinion 'misinformation' in an increasing number of cases to shut down any alternative views, and is helped by a compliant in their pocket MSM, while at the same time they put out their own misinformation which naturally is never questioned by the same MSM. 

The government has become the sole arbiter of the truth, something that is happening world wide; see Jacinda Ardern in NZ stating that very point, and here refusing to answer a question outside the pre-arranged ones from a compliant MSM who refused any comments on the story in their newspapers. She claimed it was a heckler though some said it was a journalist who stepped outside the remit. Of course we shall never know but this ploy 'only trust the Government, all else is misinformation' is being used at various levels as an aid, no doubt being suggested by the nudge unit, as a way for further compliance to be advanced.

And here is the Orwellian speech from Jacinda:

FLASHBACK: New Zealand PM told public ‘we are your single source of truth’
As video re-emerges of Jacinda Ardern speaking before the COVID lockdowns in March 2020, her remarks have drawn considerable backlash and prompted comparisons to a 'full-blown psychotic dictator.'

That above is as good an example of how so many things have been handled by world governments since the virus came upon us. It has been the perfect screen for dodgy facts and twisted statistics ever since; there is nothing new in this practice but never on this scale and frequency.

No more so than with the green agenda; the predictions and modelling for climate change have been even worse than the ones for Covid, but by continual scare-mongering populations world-wide have bought into the whole concept of man-made global warming.

The problem with the predictions is that separating the ‘man made’ part from what would have been at any other point in time just normal weather variations has never been shown in a way that anybody could see the difference, unless they ‘wanted’ to see a difference.

Our government is already back-pedalling on parts of the green agenda, simply because it is not feasible. In Germany the new chancellor has declared the nuclear sites will all be closed and coal to follow; this will be offset by quadrupling the offshore wind sites, but laughably gas will fill the gap - gas has become green! Very similar to here after the recent statements of Boris, but without nuclear and fossil fuel back up rolling black outs are inevitable, there simply isn’t the spare capacity elsewhere to supply all the countries going green. It is madness, unless of course he backtracks like Germany and declares gas green and we can then forget about the heat pump nonsense completely; perhaps this is the underlying thinking?

The heat pump nonsense has already become an ‘aspiration’ rather than a definite , it was never going to be achievable and the cost was off the scale. There is nothing wrong in upping the building regs re insulation and efficiency, that has been poor for far too long, but the rest with old building stock is fantasy.

Ruth Lea gives an appraisal of the net zero plans here:

The recent release of the quarterly figures for energy wind production showed a distinct drop in the third quarter by a third. Grid Watch showed that gas and nuclear were not only providing the bulk of energy needs but were almost flat out in the red doing so. Given a wind contribution of around 1.2% for days on end, quadrupling our offshore wind capacity as Boris wants to do will not fix any supply issues in no-wind scenarios. Energy costs are to go through the roof, we have to have back up if wind is the preferred way forward; and we are reducing nuclear back up, leaving only gas as a viable alternative. 

The nonsense of this is we have our own gas plus the chance to use fracking and release ourselves from the ever increasing amount we have to import to keep the lights on. During this period the net imports doubled, all this with less demand, not a good portent for the future.

At least these facts were published in business sections of the newspapers, it is a start; before, it would have required a Freedom Of Information request or been denied as sensitive commercial information not for the public domain.

Being virtuous does not cut it when we import the same fuel we are abandoning here. It is the economics of the mad house, and the hidden costs are astronomical.

The general public seem to be oblivious to all this and probably think the coming price rise in gas is temporary or just a one off, when it is just the start of rises in prices; the 'heat or eat' slogan could soon come home to roost.

No political party would go this route without wondering if anyone will notice. As sure as eggs are eggs they will lose the next election, yet they plough on. Perhaps the enormous, and again largely unnecessary debt built up during Covid will make them pull back as they simply cannot afford to heap the huge amounts spent out above on top of our already historic high borrowing.

Ofgen have already added to the misery by failing to do due diligence on the numerous firms that have folded this year in the energy market. The model used for finance was never sustainable if prices were to rise as they have, and now the cost of all that is to be shared out among the customers of all companies - this amounts to £86 per household, and that is before the £1.7 billion pounds given to the last big one to go,  is clawed back by again adding to everyone's bills. The final bill will be spread to all energy users! And will add £150 to the £86 and that is before any price rises. It is going to be a very expensive Spring.

A life support system that will allow failed energy supplier Bulb to continue serving its 1.7 million customers through the winter could cost the Treasury £1.7 billion, money that will likely be both funded from government coffers and directly passed onto households in the form of higher energy bills.

'Government coffers'; a phrase that is the ultimate oxymoron as the government has no money.

So it has to be asked, why the hell are we pursuing this net zero nonsense when it will solve nothing and the only gain will be the Green nutters' egos - there is not a single item that is an actual gain for the public - and the like, who have all taken note of the government's statements on funding for exploration and jumped onto the green bandwagon with all its subsidies. One wonders how long it will be before Joe Public starts to notice all this money in subsidies he is paying and getting nothing back other than higher energy bills; not exactly market forces is it, oh Conservative government, when the market is shut down in favour of one client, the Greens?

There is enough here to show those sitting on the fence that all is not what they are told…….

Meanwhile the virtue signalling continues apace. Ed Sheeran  a popular singer who I have to admit I have never actually heard, for what that information is worth, has decided to buy land and plant trees so he can continue to travel the world in jets when touring. How very civilised of him. I suppose the thinking is ethat veryone else who cannot afford to buy acres and plant them with trees when they jet off for the annual holiday in Benidorm should not really go as they are polluting the planet.
He of course is far from alone in this virtuous activity; his talk of ‘life balances’ and cutting back on touring is manna from heaven to the green lobby - oh for the privileged position of affording to be so humble!

At least not all are that bubble-minded...

What is needed is the same people that Gervais mentions to start to look seriously at what this government is proposing and how it will impact their lives; time to stop mumbling down the pub and start to vote for anyone but the heritage parties, who don’t work for us and haven’t for years. If Brexit hasn’t shown how they despise the majority who voted Leave and did everything they could to cancel the result then nothing else will.

I really do think we are at the crossroads in this country. The truth is out there; the curtains need pulling back more to reveal it.


Paddington said...

I cannot speak for the UK. I do have exact data from the medical system where my wife works.

Last Friday, there were 225 people hospitalized for Covid. Of those, exactly 2 were fully vaccinated, including the booster. Neither of those were the ones filling the ICU.

Jim in San Marcos said...

Hi Paddington

How many beds total were occupied? Also, if you are admitted to the hospital, don't they test you for covid? So, if you were admitted for a car accident or emergency surgery and you test positive, is covid the real reason you are there?

I'm seeing stats where 75% of the covid infected have had two shots. Hospitals don't care if you have had the shots, they want to know if you are contagious.

I don't think that the hospital data collected that you reported, really was concerned if the patients had previously been vaccinated.

Sackerson said...

JD comments:

It should be stated once again that solar panels and wind farms will never meet our energy needs. Any new wind farm is always claimed to have a capacity of X-megawatts. In fact their capacity is zero until the wind blows. What they should say is 'possible capacity dependant on the wind' and it is worth remembering that these propellors on sticks have to be switched off if the wind is too strong.

Yesterday I watched this on BlazeTV about Nikola Tesla -

They tried to replicate one of Tesla's experiments and managed to light up a bulb using electricity from the earth/air; free energy in other words.The next episode is at noon on Sunday 16th. Of course if they succeed in cracking the secret of free energy it will never be allowed to see the light of day in the same way that the Tesla papers disappeared after his death. There is no money in universal free energy available to all.

Paddington said...

@JD - Tesla was both a genius and a crank. Absent some major change in our understanding of Physics, there is no possibility of 'Free Energy'. However, in the modern world, we are surrounded by some powerful electric fields. There have been cases of farmers laying down cables near power lines on their properties and powering their farms that way. This reduces the power in the lines, and is illegal.

@Jim - Clearly, you either didn't read what I wrote, or are trying to wave it away. These were people hospitalized FOR Covid. It is currently rampant in our area, since only something like 61% of the population are vaccinated at all, 55% have two doses. Last week, we had 60 Covid deaths in the state in a single day. A friend, who is an EMT in Kent had a single shift with 3 people who had died of it at home, and another who died en route to the hospital.

Paddington said...

I did find this piece, which pertains to Covid deaths in the UK in the first half of 2021: