Friday, November 27, 2020

FRIDAY MUSIC: Buskers, by JD

We have all seen buskers on our streets, we may even have given them money now and then in appreciation of their talent. It might be my imagination but there seem to be more buskers than there used to be (until the government locked down our joy.) Some of these street performers are very good while others have more enthusiasm than skill.

Wiki has a fair summary of the history of street entertainment and its history.The term busking comes from the Spanish word 'buscar' (to look for, to seek)

And there follows a random selection from the many thousands posted to YouTube and, no, I haven't looked at all of them! One or two of the performers here are obviously professionals but they are out on the streets so that would qualify them as unpaid amateurs hoping to pick up loose change.


Here is a link to an earlier post on buskers I did for Nourishing Obscurity:

The photo of the violinist (reproduced above) is one I took on the U Bahn in Frankfurt and there is also a video of the 'Tuna' in Madrid. I would have included them but couldn't find a suitable video. Like I said I haven't seen all of the millions of clips on YouTube

This is a better clip for the 'Tuna' in that piece:

It is not Madrid, I'm not sure where it is; Mexico perhaps?

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