Monday, March 01, 2021

The Government are Covidrunkards

 “I think politics is an instrument of the Devil. Just that clear. I think politics is what kills; it doesn’t bring anything alive.” 

In the previous post about Long Covid, Professor Chris Whitty on the fifth of May 2020 said

 "....the great majority of people, even the very highest groups, if they catch this virus [covid19] will not die."

I have received in the post a Government booklet entitled "Covid-19 vaccination, a guide for older adults" and on the very last page it states "We do not yet know whether it [the vaccine] will stop you catching and passing on the virus."

Adding those two things together suggests that this 'vaccine' we are all being strongly urged to have will not protect us against a virus which is not going to kill us anyway!

That is almost surreal in its absurdity - the virus will not kill you but we will pretend to protect you by giving you this untested vaccine which is not a vaccine because it is normally used for gene therapy!

"The mRNA vaccinations are a form of gene therapy, according to its definition in many parts of the world, including Europe. Gene therapies remain under strict regulation and few gene therapeutics have been approved by health authorities because of safety concerns."

These 'vaccines which are not vaccines' are also causing serious side effects. This is not well reported by the news media but it is sufficiently serious for the authorities to set up a compensation scheme in the USA, and the UK followed suit in December 2020.

(Total compensation paid out in 2019 for all vaccines was a total of $225,457,657.94 paid to both petitioners and their attorneys. - )

I went back to Bruce Charlton's blog and this post which is dated 16th March 2020, i.e. before the first 'lockdown' and before the Government publication of 19th March which removed covid19 from the list of High Consequences Infectious Diseases (that page updated on 17th June with no further change in status of covid)
Dr Charlton states quite clearly- 

"So the birdemic [covid19] crisis is fake. Why then do we have a crisis?

"Because of the response; which is not fake, and indeed amounts to the very-rapid and universal imposition of a bureaucratic totalitarian police state; run (because such are the people involved) on atheistic, leftist, anti-Christian lines."

Bruce knows what he is talking about -

The aforementioned Professor Whitty would have known when he made that statement in May 2020 as Dr Charlton knew also, that covid 19 was not a serious problem which is why he said "....the great majority of people, even the very highest groups, if they catch this virus will not die."

So why has the past twelve months been one long panic over a minor cold/flu variant? Why has our economy been closed down for most of the past year? Why is the Government throwing away money in a furlough scheme which allows people to sit at home and not work? Most important of all; why has the Government given millions of pounds to the pharmaceutical companies for an unnecessary and pointlessly ineffective vaccine?

Over the past year there have been almost daily briefings from the Government about the 'crisis' and the newspapers and TV have echoed the Government's narrative, adding a multitude of scare stories of their own. There have been many health professionals who have questioned the validity of the Government's actions and these voices have been censored. Where is the open and honest discussion of the Great Barrington Declaration for example?

"As infectious disease epidemiologists and public health scientists we have grave concerns about the damaging physical and mental health impacts of the prevailing COVID-19 policies, and recommend an approach we call Focused Protection."

Currently the Declaration has been signed by 41,458 medical practitioners, 13,705 medical and public health scientists as well as 754,468 members of the public. That is a lot of medical experts who do not agree with the Government's current response to the covid virus. How many medical experts are the Government relying on, who are they and what is their level of experience in their respective fields? 

There is also concern for the mental health of the public who are subject to the daily diet of bad news by way of listing the daily death count as well as telling us we are all walking biohazards! Bad news sells papers but bad news has a negative effect on our immune systems which is something perfectly illustrated by the Stanley Holloway monologue My Word You Do Look Queer. -

The daily diet of bad news is a form of brainwashing and is possibly deliberate given that the Government's advisers, the Sage Committee, contains behavioural psychologists as well as sociologists (no real 'hard' scientists you will notice.)

"We are all affected by the influence of suggestion. We merely vary in the degree to which we respond to it. By systematic suggestions, multitudes can be made through propaganda to act as a unit, even though there had been no previous attachment to the ideas communicated. Under the stress of emotional stimuli, we are led to commit acts that we normally would never dream of perpetrating. The protagonists of propaganda know this well, and thereby exercise their power to create conditions that will make their assault on the public mind more successful. Political agitators, also aware of mass susceptibilities, work on this disposition for their own purposes, thus demonstrating that individuals, groups, and nations can all be made to act in a manner that suggests the influence of hypnosis".
- Melvin Powers, Hypnotherapist.

Given all of the above the question remains; why is the Government perpetuating this crisis and why the seemingly never ending campaign to have everyone be given 'the jab'? Are they concerned for the nation's health? That is unlikely when they refuse to engage with the authors of the Barrington Declaration and when other proven remedies are readily available. 

The only possible answer is, in the old saying, power has corrupted them. Not so much in the comical story of the Emporer's new clothes but in the insanity of Caligula's promoting his horse - "According to Suetonius, Caligula had plans to make his favorite horse, Incitatus, a consul. Why? Because he was insane and thought a horse was a man? Or because he was drunk on power and would enjoy seeing everyone else assiduously “not noticing” that the consul was a horse?"

Our Government is drunk on power! This is not a crisis, it is a scandal! The evidence from the Office of National Statistics indicates that the 'covid pandemic' had fizzled out by May or June of 2020. s

It is time to remove ALL restrictions. It is time to open all the pubs before they are lost forever, it is time to open all the sports venues, it is time to throw away the reported 52 billion masks which have been sold worldwide; sorry, not throw away, they should be returned to the manufacturers for their disposal!

It is time to remove this Government before they destroy the country completely - 2020 saw the biggest drop in GDP since 1709!

There are hopeful signs that the covid scandal may be ending with this story in the daily Mail about the misreporting by the NHS of covid deaths:

I have no doubt that similar stories will begin to emerge as more and more people begin to see the adverse reactions to the 'vaccines' including fatalities. According to Pfizer's own records there were 197 deaths between 9/12/20 and 14/02/21 from the Pfizer/BioNTech mRNA injection.
(On the very last page of this pdf file)

Let the law suits begin! Not against the Government as a whole because we will end up paying any fines but against every individual Minister and adviser for each of them to be held personally liable. If that cannot be done, why can it not be done? These people need to be held accounable for all of the lost businesses and ruined lives, pour encourager les autres!

...... and a final word on politicians from the late Michael Bentine:

"As I have grown older, a nagging thought has bothered me. During my sixty-six years of lifeI have heard people, in moments of crisis, cry out: It's all right! Here comes the doctor..... or the surgeon, the midwife, the police, the fire brigade, the rescue squad, the paramedics, the priest, or even the plumber. But in all those years, during dire emergencies in peace and war, I have never once heard the words. Thank God, the Politician has arrived!"
- Michael Bentine in his book Open Your Mind


Paddington said...

"So why has the past twelve months been one long panic over a minor cold/flu variant?"

That 'minor cold/flu' has killed over 500,000 people in the US, as can readily be seen by the statistics on excess deaths.

By comparison, as far as we can tell, there have been zero deaths actually attributable to any covid vaccine.

Jim in San Marcos said...

Paddington you have been reading the newspaper and CNN too long they all take a political (democrat) slant of the truth.

323,00 deaths were attributed to COVID-19 last year. Of course, the counter wasn’t reset back to zero at the beginning of this year, they are touting 500,000 deaths right now. It looks like there was a 175,000 person drop in heart attack deaths last year, normally there are 565,000 a year. The real perspective is that 2.7 million people die every year in the USA. 79 percent of the COVID-19 deaths were people over the age of 65. Why do people start to die at age 65? Could it be old age?

As to how many deaths there have been from the vaccine? You cannot find out using the internet. Google has blocked anything that carries contrary content regarding the COVID-19 virus. I can write about it, but you can’t read it, my blog has been censored. Don’t believe it, copy the name of this article and paste it into a google search. It isn’t listed, is it?

In New York City even before the Covid-19 attack the city was renting reefer trucks to store the dead bodies that had been accumulating in the morgues. After COVID-19 struck, COVID-19 became a cause of death, on death certificates. No more heart attacks, strokes or car accidents. At the hospital roulette tables COVID-19 pays $40,000 per victim, dead or alive.

You have to read between the lines, the panic is real, Yellow Journalism is the cause. The deaths are real, but most people don’t realize that 2.7 million deaths a year is normal, so an extra 150,000 deaths can appear to be a terrifying number. Put in perspective, 7,397 people die every day in the US. COVID-19 adds another 410. It doesn’t need to control our lives and ruin our retirement. You have a 99.9 percent chance of surviving the virus.

Paddington said...


1. Excess deaths last year were in the range of 400,000 Something killed all of those people

2. You most certainly can investigate whether the vaccines have killed people. The figures in Norway, for example, showed that some old people did in fact die after taking the vaccine, but not more than generally die in the same period.

3. No, the hospitals do not report every death as covid. That would be crazy, and make your own numbers nonsense.

Based on the facts, it is your perspective which is cut loose from reality.

Jim in San Marcos said...

Excess deaths of 400,000? I quoted actual statistics.

Google "The Government are Covidrunkards" and you come up with nothing, this web page doesn't exist. That is censorship.

You're spouting the government view. Panic the masses. It has to sound plausible for it to work.

Question it and you are omitted from Google. Why the censorship? Something we are saying has value. Censorship is validation

Sackerson said...

Jim, I just Googled and if we were ever off we're on again - top hit for 'The Government are Covidrunkards.'

'Two views make a market' - there's still a lot to be determined. Might have a pop at the issues myself, if the brainwhirl slows down.

Bruce Charlton said...

The excess deaths figures quoted in the media usually compare last year with an average of previous years. This is incorrect. It should compare last year with a *bad* flu year (like 2017-18) which - despite high flu deaths (not like 2019-20 artificially inflated by continually changing the counting method, always in the direction of inflation) - nobody even noticed at the time. Globally, and in the UK, 2019-20 was not distinguishable in terms of mortality percentage (ie controlling for the greatly increased modern populations) from a bad flu year of recent decades. Simple fact.

Paddington said...

@Bruce - That doesn't work either. In the 'bad flu' year of 2017, there were approximately 2.8 million deaths. For 2020, the full details are not yet compiled, but they are in excess of 3 million.

@Jim - you had some numbers, and a great deal of unsupported assertion and bad arithmetic.

For example:

1. Saying that all deaths are now reported as covid is not supported by the evidence.
2. Saying that 99.9% will not die of covid is just bad statistics. We have had between 0.1% and 0.2% of the total population die of it in a full year, but an estimated 10% of the population infected.
3. The 'deaths from vaccine' stuff is straight out of the anti-vaccine movement, whose arguments are pure propaganda, and do not match the actual scientific studies.

Jim in San Marcos said...

Hi Sackerson

I used Google and Bing, and both returned zero for your post in the USA Maybe UK is under different restrictions.

@Paddington I wasn't saying all deaths were covid, I was stating that it was very profitable for a hospital to lie about the cause of death.

If you take .1 percent of 330 million people you get 330,000. I did that in my head without a pocket calculator.

I believe the vaccine is perfectly safe, but it is extremely odd to not find comments on the web warning people of its "dire" effects or possible shortcomings. We are being fed what they want us to read and nothing else.

Sackerson said...

@Jim: please try again. If the same thing happens, that's very interesting, because it could mean:

1. Google returns different results in different countries, or even worse
2. Google returns a result for my computer that is different, so that I don't spot the shadowbanning
3 ?

Jim in San Marcos said...

Hi Sackerson

Bing shows no hits for the title

Google now shows it at the top on the search as carried by "Before Its News" a secondary source that I also use, that links to my blog. If your title had a space in "Coviidrunkards" to make it "Covid drunkards," I think it wouldn't have made it into the search. "Broad Oak Magazine" gets plenty of hits.

I was using Google to search for data on the corona virus, mostly to confirm or debunk medical claims and little or nothing shows up. Two studies on mask wearing that I know of, don't show either. It appears, no one is allowed to challenge the political dictates of the party in power. Take away my audience and there is no free speech.

Paddington said...


1. That is still making claims on hospitals without any evidence at all.

2. I agree with the basic calculation, but it is meaningless. You have to divide by the number of people who have been infected, not by the total population. As Texas and Florida indicate, this isn't over, by a long shot.

Paddington said...

I typed 'broad oak magazine + covid-19' into, and this post appeared as about the 4th entry in the list.