Friday, October 08, 2021

FRIDAY MUSIC: Tuba Skinny 2021, by JD

It is three years since we featured the New Orleans street performers Tuba Skinny 

- and I see from the link (now dead) at the end of that post it was 2014 when I first discovered them. I think it is time for a well deserved revisit. All of the videos here were recorded this year and, as usual, people are dancing to their music!

Outdoor Music - Tuba Skinny

Back Roads B-roll, Festival of Fools, Tuba Skinny 2021

Tuba Skinny at Mace Chasm Farm - last tune before encore

Tuba Skinny - "I Got A Woman"

“Michigander Blues” by Jabbo Smith - Tuba Skinny at Jammin’ Java in Vienna VA. Aug 18, 2021

Tuba Skinny - BRMC, Galax, Va, Aug 21,2021

Tuba Skinny - "Grandpa's Spells"

Tuba Skinny - Kicking The Rocks (a small song)

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