Saturday, September 18, 2021

WEEKENDER: The End Of The Day, by Wiggia


The above is something many have hinted at over the last few years, and even I have suggested that the end times as we know them are approaching.

Never in my life has there been such a constant stream of news and predictions and statements that would have you believe the end is nigh.

My wife is not alone in that she will not view the news as it is so depressing on so many fronts. She also is not alone in blocking out the MSN who would appear to contrive to suggest every new item of bad news is also the end of civilisation, would have pooh-poohed such a notion not so long ago, and now? Not so sure.

If you can stand back and try to be objective over what is going on it is not easy to be an optimist. I am not far out if I state that the vast majority of leaders in the so called free world are an abject failure, who among those leading the countries that matter are worthy of the status conferred on them. This has little to do with political affiliation - that went out of the door long ago as they all slowly morphed into  glutinous one size fits all outfits, designed to appeal to those who will remain loyal come what may and to hell with the majority.

Nowhere in the west is there any difference. You can put different labels on parties but in the vast majority we have a two party system pretending to be one thing but in fact only achieving to be two cheeks of the same arse. Virtually all countries are reduced to voting for the least worst option; what an appalling state of affairs.

We are told we live in a democratic state and to a degree we do, compared with others, but that democracy has been eroded at a steady rate for decades now. The fact is we have a lock out to any party wanting to achieve some power in the way things are run, being blocked ridiculed smeared and coalitions formed to stop them getting any foothold in the political process, so it is not exactly democratic. All western countries have virtually identical track records as the so-called ‘heritage’ parties all pile into whatever position is deemed to get the most votes; it is not a system any more for the people or country but a system to ensure remaining in power at all costs.

Anyone with an open mind must have doubts about what has recently happened in the USA. It beggars belief that a candidate who didn’t campaign and when he did drew derisory crowds polled more votes than anyone in history. If nothing else it drew attention to the use of postal voting which is open to fraud in elections world wide, even here we have had examples of increasing interference with postal voting and yet nothing is done. Why? It simply suits parties with certain demographics who will vote for them whatever the method chosen, be it fraudulent or otherwise. This is not democracy but an increasing spreading stain on our society.

The current investigation in the USA into alleged voting fraud is likely to go nowhere. They rarely do: too many vested interests, no different from here where a private prosecution was necessary to open the can of worms in Tower Hamlets and the drawn-out-to-infinity saga of Thanet where aside from the disappeared ballot boxes and dubious counting, there was also found to be illegal funds used to support the Conservative candidate, yet years later it all disappeared down the memory hole, how very convenient.

It is not that long ago that politicians would resign if caught with their fingers in the till or had compromised their position with items like conflict of interest. Not all, it is true, but there was an expectation this would happen and it often did. Not any more: examples abound of politicians with bank balances that would grace a third world country, presidents who have filched international aid for years and have bulging Swiss bank accounts. Nancy Pelosi in the States has allegedly benefited from insider trading; her net wealth with her husband is in the region of $160 million dollars; all is allegedly above board and it is her husband who has made the business deals... the smell remains, as it does with so many gains in wealth where politicians are involved. You don’t get that from the salary that is paid to politicians and far too many of them ignore protocols. The revolving door is used despite government limitations in place, lobbying is rife, our recent PM David Cameron has been seen to override lobbying laws in his favour, Christine Lagarde is made chief executor of the European bank despite fraudulently appropriating around 450 million euros... the list is endless as usual despite being found guilty; weasel words and smiles all round show how the two tier justice system works.

Here we currently have a minister who seems to have various conflicts of interest but is still in the job…

Zahawi also owns Yougov, the polling site. How can a politician own a political polling site and that site considered neutral while in office with a particular party?

And the expenses scandal might as well never have happened; most of what was considered illegal then pales into insignificance with that claimed today.

How does David Lammy explain his staffing claims alongside other MPs, plus consistently claiming the maximum available?

The never ending bad news or pessimistic offerings on the MSN hardly gives cause to rejoice. My good lady wife, like many others, refuses to listen or watch the news. Her reasoning is that with limited years left on this mortal coil why saddle oneself with daily misery, it will not change anything. This is the opposite to myself who gets enraged at the everyday nonsense that is spouted.

I have never been one to indulge in conspiracy theories, yet the basis of many has come to pass if not the origins. Climate change was presented as a way to save us from inevitable earthly doom, but virtually all predictions have proved totally false, yet  this doesn't stop the drip drip nudge nudge towards an impossible net zero. Why the push? And it is world wide or certainly the western world that keeps pushing for this dubious aim. The flaws in the program are obvious but little is said in opposition; why?

Our own government has already pulled back on the time limit for gas boilers being unsaleable for reasons all could see, it was an impossible aim and still is with the extended time frame, not that the program has any merit apart from more costs many cannot afford.

The closing down of coal fired and gas power stations has had a jolt of realism as two coal fired plants had to be restarted because we suffered from no wind and no sun plus the French and Norwegians are cutting back on surplus power to sell abroad; that does not bode well for us and the winter has not arrived yet. The threat of black outs is ever closer, despite obvious shortfalls in coming energy needs, absolutely nothing has been done regards energy security and stability, both of which are essential to any change of supply type going forward.

European electricity prices are the highest for years as wind and sun disappear….

And already large increases in bills are planned for this autumn, the first of many we have been warned against. Yet we are told green energy will be cheaper; logic says the bills can never come down whilst we have to have a two tiered supply system with back up power plants on stand by for when the wind doesn’t blow or the sun doesn’t shine, never mind the costs of the huge subsidies given. Surely those in charge of these projects know this, or are we being taken for a ride into a world depicted in Dr Zhivago…

The prospect of ever more elderly being given the choice of eat or heat does not become a nation that pretends it is in the forefront of social care. In fact social care is another area in which we should be ashamed of ourselves: we cater for those that arrive uninvited on our shores by giving them shelter and food, while our own in many cases are reduced to using charities, having paid into the system all their lives or if they are unfortunate to be allotted a place in one of our less ‘satisfactory’ care homes are treated for their £1000 a week like baggage in transit; 'God's waiting room' is the phrase that comes to mind and like British Rail the waiting rooms are not inviting.

Again no real provision is being made for this area  in which we all end up in one way or the other. The retired are are a growing demographic, this has been known and forecast for decades yet again nothing is done.

This scene from the USA is hard to believe in our comfortable modern western society, yet it is one becoming ever more frequent. There was a time when those at the bottom of the pile would be moved on so as not despoil the street scene; the numbers now make that an impossibility. That the unfortunates on this scale should dumped, ignored and erased is a blight on modern society; we are not talking about a small minority that actually prefer a life on the road away from all today's society but those for what ever reason can no longer help themselves. Yes, drugs are the provider of this misery, though among the druggies is a large percentage of people who have genuinely fallen on hard times and have nowhere to turn. We have a smaller but growing problem here as does Europe in general, yet governments fall over themselves to help those who arrive illegally. There is something morally very wrong going on when your own are shunned.

Not all is the fault of governments. Those that believe the state should provide all are part of the problem; the number of people who cannot wait to dump their ageing parents in one of these places is now a commonplace trait and has been for years. You can lump it in with the ‘sooner they have gone the sooner we can divvy up the estate’ brigade. Think it doesn’t exist? I have seen it with my own eyes, even within my own family: the day you pop off is the day they look for the house keys, it is that blatant.

All this is an attitude prevalent in today's western society: nobody cares about anything until it affects them. Until that moment they are not interested; this is always too late. 'The long march through the institution's was a long standing joke, it was another conspiracy used as a distraction for adverse decisions coming from government organisations. It is not a joke now, it is happening: many of those who infiltrated are now either policy makers or have influence, not just here but in most of the western world. The current woke government in the USA is compliant in many cases with the genderisation of the military; the universities, schools, local authorities of pushing critical race theory into junior schools as part of the curriculum and in certain aspects creating apartheid in the prevention of crime and the appointment of employees.

Organisations such as the ominous WEF somehow get the ear of world governments despite no one voting for them and get a seat at the table of conferences on world governance. Why? Lobby yes and say no.

How on earth does someone like Susan Michie, a communist, get to have influence within SAGE on policy for all things Covid. She is a psychologist, but there she is telling everyone to lockdown and wear masks forever; just an infiltrator and an extension of the nudge unit.

The tearing down of statues to appease a small minority of activists shows how far it has infiltrated the institutions. We have trusts, committees, heads of departments, all progressives falling over themselves to accommodate all the ideals and perceived injustices that these small groups agitate for.

And it is happening here. That removing a statue of Rhodes should even be considered when the main protagonist for its removal was a black South African student who would not even be in a position to comment on it were it not for his Rhodes funded scholarship, shows how far we have sunk as a nation when the faculty officials give a platform to this nonsense.

Every where you look today there are aggrieved groups or individuals wanting change not for the better for the good of the majority but to polish their egos and their virtues.

Yet all this nonsense, and most of it is, has gained traction among those who rule us, and you have to ask why?

There is no better example of wokeness taking hold in a big way today than NZ. Ever since Jacinda Ardern scraped into power the country has has been involved in turning itself inside out to become the frontier of progressive thinking and action. It is now silently turning the country over to future Maori power and achieving this through separating items like health care, an apartheid state in the making. Who would have believed sleepy NZ would allow itself to go this way. The rulings over Covid are just about the most draconian in the western world with total shutdown over one new case; what they would do if the bubonic plague broke is hard to imagine.

They are talking about virtually cutting themselves off from the world till at least ‘22, so frightened are they there might be another death from the virus. This sort of governance - and we have seen many examples in the last eighteen months - verges on insanity; actually it is insanity.

Yet she is still put up as the poster child of the Left. Most of what she says is outside her remit but makes good sound bites in the lefty media and pleases her adoring fans, but means very little. Repeating the word 'kindness' in the UN doesn’t really change much and I don’t seriously believe as elsewhere in the world how far what are far-left and often communist policies have infiltrated under the guise of woke agendas.

Trudeau in Canada is another who who invokes nonsense policies on his country. At last it looks hopeful he has been found out but I wouldn’t bet on it; the public are the ones who have been found out all across the western world.

The virus if nothing else has shown those that govern just how far they can push their respective electorates in directions they want. The never ending ‘scientific’ advice that has come out during the virus is a classic example of government taking opaque positions on obscure issues that voters will scarcely notice, but at the same time re Covid frightening the life out of a percentage to make a difference in their favour.

Look at the last few days: 'lockdowns are not coming back' says Boris, and then today 'as a last resort we will invoke a lockdown'; just one of the endless about turns that are planned by nudge units. No individual could be that stupid to say these things on a regular basis and be believed, but all they need is a percentage.  

Yet again they push on throwing obscene amounts of money in subsidies at wind power and alternative green projects, and at the same time announce their beloved EVs will have their charging times limited to off-peak periods - how is that supposed to pan out? And when we have enough of the EVs to make a difference and they all plug in at the same designated time will the grid cope? The answer is no, so what are they playing at? There never appears to be anyone with any common sense with their hands on the levers of power.

Of course it could be the conspiracy theorists are and have been correct in all this. The government is so entrapped in all this green thinking that they consider all private vehicles to be something we ‘have’ to do without to save the planet and this is just one of the measures to fulfil that aim; nothing it appears is impossible or what it seems any more.

The NHS has been discussed, again huge sums of money still no sign of any change forthcoming in infrastructure or planning.

Immigration continues in the west unabated. Why, when the social costs are so high? Continuous denials by government on a subject they don’t really want to talk about are in complete opposition to the facts; the selective vague justification 'they are a net gain for society’ flies in the face of what has been revealed elsewhere; the item I could not find previously on the statistics for the Dutch I have unearthed, it is worth reading.

Milton Friedman's oft-quoted "You cannot simultaneously have free immigration and a welfare state." took a lot of stick from the progressive yet the facts stand up: there is a finite pot for welfare and unlimited numbers who have never contributed will eventually make welfare unsustainable. Yet the USA has let in two million this year and we have completely failed to patrol and seal our borders. Immigration per se is not a bad thing, we have always had immigration as the liberal left keep telling us; what they don’t tell you is the numbers compared with the past, which are now astronomical.

From a stand off viewpoint all these things have been with us awhile; what has changed is the scale of all and the simultaneous challenge to the way we live. Something has to give and I fear it is the west itself.

It has been said ‘When the Roman Empire broke up, new societies emerged, but their hierarchies, cultures and economies were less sophisticated, and people lived shorter, unhealthier lives.‘

It is also said this could not happen today. I am not so sure. The sheer numbers involved these days with burgeoning populations make change to a different society a long-drawn-out affair. No change without considerable harm physically and financially can be buffered against that sort of collapse. The west has had to bankrupt itself to shore up the financial collapse in 2008 and the effects of the virus. The virus and its handling is another story. All we have now is massive debts and the printing presses are running red hot, any other wordly event such as a war, another financial crisis, high inflation at a time of massive borrowing against low interest rates and the west will have problems I doubt it can handle without a cost to society on scale not seen since the Depression.

People of my age often say and have said, ‘I will not be around to see the shit hit the fan’; that is now becoming a likely scenario; those that follow in their naivety towards matters of the moment outside their texting are in for a very rude shock.

Of course I could be wrong. Someone on a white charger may appear take the west by the scruff of its neck and make the necessary changes. No sign of anything like that remotely happening at the moment, though.


Paddington said...

The reason why the audits will not reveal anything about the 2020 election is that they cannot get any evidence. After taking apart the machines and checking millions of ballots, plus calling people to check if they had mailed in their votes, they could find nothing. Giuliani said exactly that to a federal judge.

The most reasonable explanation is that there was no large-scale fraud (although the handful of cases discovered are mostly Republicans).

Bill Sticker said...

Maybe Paddinton has a point and there was no widespread voter fraud, just the brain dead voting for the brain dead who give them handouts.

We in the West have gone soft. Too many expect someone else to solve their problems for them. Which is how we got here.