Friday, April 29, 2016

Friday Night Is Music Night - Celtic collection

In response - or riposte - to the Steeleye Span recording shared here a few days ago, JD offers a "Celtic Connection" selection, commenting, "Music from the Celtic fringe is so exuberant and joyous". Ready for that!

From Scotland:

... Bretagne:

... Asturias:

... Galicia "(yes, I know they are French but the tune is almost the Galician 'national anthem')":

... and finally, from Ireland (with a Scottish singer):


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James Higham said...

Many of those I had not heard. Nice.

Sackerson said...

I love the third one - that cigarette-smoking tomboy voice.

hatfield girl said...

Not sure if Celtic (or any 'folk'music) is always joyous - those laments folk goes in for are beautiful but quite wearing.

Here's the Italians again

Sackerson said...

HG: and they remembered the subjunctive! Don't suppose you'd care to put together a music selection, too?

hatfield girl said...

Thank you, S, that would be a fascinating thing to do. May take a little time but I expect others are compiling their lists right now. Friday night is music night is catching (or catchy - sorry).

Sackerson said...

Very much looking forward to it, HG.