Thursday, February 05, 2009

Civil liberties in Britain further eroded

Taking a photograph of a public servant, even if it's to record his wrongdoing, is to be illegal. That's if the photograph is 'likely to be useful to a person committing or preparing an act of terrorism'. How could you prove it wasn't?

Nazi comparisons are horrid cliches; yet my mother watched Nazism take hold as she grew up in rural East Prussia. Tyranny advances step by step, and one of its most useful allies is a natural disinclination to believe where it is heading.

Another ally of the tyrant is woolly language used in law - the freedom of the individual is in the precision of the language that grants powers to his incomparably mightier government.


sobers said...

We need to get on to our MPs about this, especially if you have a Tory one. Get some sort of commitment from them that the Tories will revoke such laws when they get in. If no Tory sitting MP, find out who their candidate is and buttonhole them too.

You're right, this country is on a slippery slope, and the incline has begun to get steeper. Ironically the economic crisis may help - when times are good people go along with it because the money masks the problem. When times get hard people will notice the restrictions. They may try to protest about something and get arrested under Terrorism laws. Or becasue they're unemployed be out and about more and come into contact with our beloved 'Police force'. Either way the word will spread.

Sackerson said...

Hi, Sobers. My MP is Labour and the constituency one of the safest - a dead pig with a red rosette would get in. My brother has now become an American and has therefore sworn to defend the Constitution. I would do the same if I could stay here in the UK until I've finished working - at least I'd have the US Embassy on my side as we spiral into Nazi/Commie totalitarianism.

sobers said...

I have just emailed my prospective Tory candidate about it all, and as I live in a key marginal, I hope to get some sort of response fairly quickly. I'll keep you posted.

Sackerson said...

He's probably already seen you write it, on CCTV.

Are the Tories any different from, or better than, new Labour?