Friday, February 06, 2009

A warning for world-improvers

There are so many proposals to improve the world, and such a short supply of humility and plain, ordinary fear of change. Take spelling, for example, and read this logically-refined paragraph:

Kontinuing cis proses, year after year, we would eventuali hav a reali sensibl writen langug. By 1975, wi ventyur tu sei, cer wud bi no mor uv ces teribli trublsum difikultis, wic no tu leters usd to indikeit ce seim nois, and laikwais no tui noises riten wic ce seim leter. Even Mr. Yaw,wi beliv, wud be hapi in ce nog cat his drims fainali keim tru.

For the whole thing, click here. (There are other versions doing the rounds, since the idea is so good.) (htp: Paddington)

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