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Monday, November 17, 2008

Presumed consent

The government has embarked on a campaign to convince the nation that an opt-out or presumed consent system for General Elections will improve government majorities and save on administrative costs. Under the proposed system, the voter will be presumed to have voted for New Labour unless he/she has registered their dissent. Only if an outright majority of those eligible to vote have registered such a protest, will the public be put to the inconvenience of an election. Dissenters will be interviewed at Neighbourhood Offices to determine that they understand the issues properly and that their reasons for objecting are valid.


AntiCitizenOne said...


Anonymous said...

I believe I have an old Gestapo training manual somewhere. After a quick read, I'm confident I'll be well-qualified for employment as an "interviewer."

What a genuinely brilliant scheme to reduce government expenditures. Will they be forced to hold a costly and inefficient election to pass the proposal? That would be a shame.

hatfield girl said...

You will be in trouble over this, S. Look at the first post. Just you wait till Nomad catches you thinking for them. I've been forbidden to write posts like this.

(And I'm jealous 'cos I didn't write this one).

Sackerson said...

Your envy is high praise, HG.

ACO and Anon, I remember reading my Prussian grandfather's letters to the local gauleiter. Actually, it was the tone that struck me: by the exaggeratedly respectful phrasing, even with my bad German it was obvious to me that he knew he was dealing with a powerful, capricious and evil man.

Anonymous said...


What HG said! Welcome to my club.

Mr Sackerson - you have been warned!!

HG: Well done for being so resilient. I hope you give 'em hell in Bloomsbury too.