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Friday, November 28, 2008

Damian Green update

I've just heard Geoff Hoon on Radio 4's "Any Questions?" trying to defend the arrest etc. of MP Damian Green. I can only think he was chosen because he is somehow politically expendable. The transcript will be available in a few days here.

His Wikipedia entry says "His notorious skill is 'stonewalling' - deflecting difficult questions by 'playing a straight bat', or appearing to do so." Maybe so. But all it did - for me and the audience - was pretty much to damn him, and by implication the government.


Anonymous said...

Silencing opposition - the "politics" or fascism of New Labour?

Updated my blog.

This is obviously the Policing we can now expect - the sort that does what the Government tells it.

So expect that knock on your door if you dare oppose these pseudo nazis backed up by their own Stasi.
Chris Close

Sackerson said...

Thanks for your visit, Chris. I'm still in the "this can't be happening" mindset.