‘The big education for me is that civilisation is fragile and can be destroyed in a heartbeat' - Jeremy Brade, former peacekeeper in Sarajevo.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Paris Hilton: an observation

Speaking of Paris Hilton, there's something odd about her: smooth, featureless, un-angular; as if she were, I don't know, inflated and unstable. One feels it would only take a little prick to make her explode.


Nick Drew said...

bleedn'ell Mr S, what's come over you ?

an imposter at your keyboard ??

Sackerson said...

I think she's funny, intelligent and said sensible things about oil exploration vs. new vehicle technology. And it's Saturday. And there's a heck of a different between acting daft and being daft. And her skin IS preternaturally flawless and plump. And I like pretty girls.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Goodness, Sackerson! Now she's the kind of girl other girls like to hate.

Wolfie said...

Little pricks have that effect on uncompromising women I understand.

Sackerson said...

Welshcakes: I'm sure you're too generous-hearted to really mean that. Besides, good-looking people tend to be attractive to both sexes, in different ways.

Wolfie: make 'em laugh; and if that makes 'em laugh, it's a start!