‘The big education for me is that civilisation is fragile and can be destroyed in a heartbeat' - Jeremy Brade, former peacekeeper in Sarajevo.

Monday, August 11, 2008

China dolls

Look at this Chinese website for positive images and news about women in the PRC.


pej said...

have you gone postal?
Your posts seem odd to me today :-)

(or someone has taken over your blog?)

Sackerson said...

"Gone postal"? How does that phrase work? Or is this specifically a blogging expression?

Branching out a bit.

Besides, although it seems to be a man's world, much of what is decided and what goes on has a woman behind it, or as the prize.

And while we're warily knocking China, we might consider the efforts they've made to improve social and political conditions for women-topical, what the Olympics now on.

Meantime, I'm having fun cheeking women.

pej said...

No pb with that. I just was concerned that somebody might have taken control of your blog without your knowledge :-)

Sackerson said...

They can have it. My eyes, ears and brain are aching with sitting at this flickering, hooting laptop.