Friday, February 13, 2009


America gets het up about a mother of 14, but feeds over 160 million cats and dogs daily. I must say, Nadya Suleman's website is a work of art, though.


AntiCitizenOne said...

That's because you are a collectivist.

American voluntarily keep 160 million pets.

Americans didn't voluntarily keep her 14 "Thunks"*

* Quote 5

Sackerson said...

Ad hominem again, ACO, though I concede your second point. There are degrees of collectivism - even the money-holder expects there to be other people to accept his money. No man is an island, intire of itself.

P.S. Bill Hicks - ouch, what a mind.

AntiCitizenOne said...

> There are degrees of collectivism

No there are poles.

Voluntary or Forced.

Comparative Advantage means that the Forced collectivism is less efficient than capitalisms' reciprocal benefit.

Sackerson said...

In a globalising economy and polity, capitalism in one country doesn't work any more than socialism in one country did. In our transition from high wages/prices/currency to a world median, we are going to have to deal with long and large effects on employment and social benefits. I approve of this mother no more than you, but using her to demonise the disadvantaged or blame them for the economic crisis isn't fair.

Actually, as we find out a little more about this particular case, it tells other stories - the vital importance of mother love (I believe Suleman admits she's compensating for insufficient affection in her own childhood); and how agencies with agendas of their own exploit the poor (who paid the doctors who planted SIX embryos in her?). Someone, somewhere needs the poor as much as the Rumpoles and Ballards depend on the Timsons.