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Sunday, February 24, 2019

I'm more worried about the Government than about Shamima Begum

"One day, they’ll decide YOU’RE not British", says Peter Hitchens today, and he's absolutely right (see second section here:

"... it is cheap, crowd-pleasing mob politics [...] What you allow to be done to others will eventually be done to you too [...] Those who think they are leading mobs always end up discovering that they are, in fact, being chased by them."

I may have missed it, but there seems no sign that Home Secretary Sajid Javid discussed the matter beforehand with the government of Bangladesh, which has not given or offered citizenship to Ms Begum and (I should imagine) is exceedingly unlikely to do so.

Decisiveness, responsiveness to public opinion? This is "populism" and it is scary to see how totalitarianism lies so close to the surface of British government and politics.

I can only think that Mr Javid is obliquely signalling his interest in the Premiership - his "appetite for power", to quote Blair in his declining phase -  as the sharks circle around Mrs May, who hung onto the leadership by promising she would go when Brexit is done.

I can only hope he fails; spectacularly; finally.

Things have that whirlwind feeling lately:

Funny film? I was scared right from the beginning.

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