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Saturday, February 23, 2019

Peak Brexit, by Wiggiatlarge

W. lays about him - and who can blame him?

I have no idea how much mileage there is left in the Brexit farce, I suspect quite a bit more right up to and including the 29th March, assuming as always that anything at all happens, for nothing is guaranteed in this deliberately-made mess anymore.

Deliberate: how else can anyone explain coming up three years of total failure to put together anything like that which people voted for? Naturally as is the norm now, remainers claim leavers had no idea what they were voting for and they themselves of course did. Difficult to get beyond that mindset with people who blankly refuse to see what the EU has proposed for the future since we voted leave, but somehow they are OK with an EU army (we all know who vehemently denied there would ever be one) and central taxation, so they can shovel ever more money without asking to those needy Romanians, and soon to be if the EU has its way Albanians (though a large number seem to be already here running as is their wont a fair spread of criminal activities coupled with violence not seen from any other country.*)

The EU has also voiced its disapproval of any dissent about its activities and wishes to clamp down on any media that dares to disagree with it, making it a criminal act, along with further lack of of accountability on the expenses and tax-free salaries given to its overworked, sign-in-and-b*gger-off parliamentarians.

And all overseen by Germany who runs the EU as a personal fiefdom. All this is crumbling fast, Deutsche bank is on its knees and looks like a merger with the equally on-its-knees Commerzbank. All this is perfectly obvious to any who bothers to look but for some reason the remain side feel that is not enough to leave, indeed they are ever more vocal that we stay.

Now over and above all that we have a new ‘group’ formed in parliament - not a party, a group, as if they declare a party they have to declare where their funding comes from and that at the moment is a no-no; not a good start one would think for fledgling startup.

But this is not a fresh face of politics, despite endless articles in the press wetting their knickers over a new gang of four SDP, who whatever you might have thought of them carried some substance, some ideas and included people you would actually listen to, though even they (with a couple of exceptions who were outside Parliament when the SDP was formed) did not put themselves up for a by-election.

The Telegraph even went so far as to say this could be the great realignment of British politics; they must be really desperate for a headline with that rubbish.

Sadly for this new group despite the immediate blanket coverage, the only member who has emerged as a front person is the one who would undoubtedly lose her seat in a by-election. Anna Soubry has become the poster girl for all that is wrong in our Parliament, or at least a large part of it by failing to stand by the manifesto they all stood on (as with the others in her group).

Even worse than Soubry, if that were possible: Sarah Woollaston**, just days before the last election reneged on wanting to leave the EU and again the manifesto she stood on, after having spoken to her father. For someone who is a 57 year old GP that is not a very good advert for free thinking or anything else and she has steadfastly refused to engage with her constituents on that matter.

In essence, despite the media coverage and the gloss put on them, this is nowhere near the direction that British politics needs to go; it is just a group of mainly marginal seat holders who are hanging on to a few more years in the trough before oblivion. Judging by the reaction of the majority of the public (in complete contrast to the media), oblivion can’t come quick enough.

Though to be totally fair those remarks also apply to the vast majority in the HoC who have shown their true colours since the Referendum and should not be allowed anywhere near the levers of power, such is their deliberate incompetence in their attempts to subvert the Referendum result. None of them could run the proverbial whelk stall. No British politics needs a lot more than a few glory hunters including one in a suit who thinks he is Britain's answer to Barack Obama, God help us, who have no policy other than to stop Brexit.

All of this is a result of forty-years-plus of a two-party system that history shows (with one exception)  has shown little if any difference when either was in power. Because of the yah-boo nature of this and the rest-assured-we-will-be back-from-the-party-in-opposition attitude, they have grown fat and lazy, apart from the people and arrogant to degree that has revealed itself since the "wrong" result in 2016 to be like no other time in modern politics. Sadly heads on pikes along Westminster Bridge remains a dream many would salivate over but is unlikely to happen, despite many doing things that would have been treasonable in times past.

Where do we go from here? Who knows, but it doesn’t look good at the moment. As someone said recently, ‘We are not well served’; that must be the understatement of the time we live in.

*For corroboration, see for example the revelations in Roberto Saviano's 2006 organised-crime exposé "Gomorrah"; and the recent Guardian article on cocaine dealing in the UK

** MP for Totnes, Devon


The Arthurian said...

Good post. Tragic ending.

"... as is the norm now, remainers claim leavers had no idea what they were voting for ..."

John Oliver expressed exactly that view recently on Last Week Tonight, Season 6 episode 1:

"The EU has also voiced its disapproval of any dissent about its activities and wishes to clamp down on any media that dares to disagree with it, making it a criminal act..."

A criminal act?
Links Links Links Links Links!

Sackerson said...

JD comments:

Important point missed by Wiggia is that all of those re-born 'independents' will lose their seats at the next election. That is the easy part but how do we get rid of the 'pundits' on all of the TV channels? They are equally vain and detached from reality. And if any MP can call for a vote of no confidence in the Government or the PM, why can they not call for a vote of no confidence in the civil service advisors? Is anyone ever sacked from the civil service for incompetence?