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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Time to ease the Green Belt a couple of notches?

Professor Paul Cheshire thinks so; I beg to differ, but not because I'm a rich Nimby. Doubtless the Professor knows vastly more than I do, but the debate is taking place on a new site called The Conversation and as they say, "two views make a market".

Here's a link to what he says, and here is what I say in the comments below his article:

Sorry to quote myself, but it's quicker if I give a couple of links to posts I've offered on this:

1. Per square kilometre of arable land, the UK has some 1,077 people to feed - more than twice what is sustainable without food imports. Just as we are now beginning to worry about energy security, we also need to make food security a higher priority.

2. You could say that we do not have a housing shortage, but heightened expectations of personal living space:

Best wishes...

 I look forward to the riposte.

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