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Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Last Post

Newsnight tells us the Royal Mail is set to be privatised. Look at our bus services, our rail, our medicine, our education - making a mint for a few is bound to make services better for everyone.

I've never voted for Labour. Not when it was run by a narcissistic psychopath, nor afterwards by a Stalinist depressive. I can't vote for a party led by a gobbling Marxist-lecturer's-son hereditary-leader sixth-form-debater Tweedledum or his simmeringly resentful Dee brother.

But how can a supposedly fragile Coalition be so bold? It must be the recklessness of despair. Après leurs, le déluge.

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Pavlov's Cat said...

I can't recall which other blogger pointed it out.
But iDave and co have no choice , the EU has mandated that the Royal Mail MUST be privatised , so they have to go ahead with it.

Sackerson said...

Forgotten that. But my MP told me Parliament is still sovereign, so we could choose to refuse.

Sobers said...

Yes, because State ownership has proved to be so beneficial in all the other cases.

Oh, sorry that should read - State ownership has proved so beneficial to all those employed by the State in nationalised industries, not the customers, or the taxpayer at large.

Sackerson said...

Sobers, I take a pragmatic rather than a doctrinal approach. When our telephone service was a monopoly it was slow and expensive; but the bus services in Birmingham were just fine and didn't need deregulating. My brother tells me that in the US private schools underperform public schooling, given their intake. Some services are well run, others not.

Pavlov's Cat said...

@Sackerson either your MP is lying which some people think.
or even if they could refuse they won't as can be seen

Unknown said...

giving away our sovereignty to Europe is an act of tyranny

privatisation is tyranny

Taxation is tyranny The pattern is a tyrannical one ...

"making a mint for a few is bound to make services better for everyone."

are you an oligarc? or maybe you were being sarcastic? because if society shares your view then no wonder you cant "see" whats really gong on.

Anything state owned belongs to the people,and the state has no right whatsoever to give our wealth
away or to allow another country to dictate to us, especially an unelected brothel of banking rentboys and the i.m.f. The british will regret their big mistake of remaining as ignorant and spineless as they are, ONLY A CRETIN WOULD SIGN ITS OWN DEATH WARRANT, and all in the name of equality... yeah ..equally as suicidal.