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Saturday, November 24, 2018

Radical Marketing & Mau-Mauing The Track-Catchers

I followed up a political link to another site and as usual there were ads interrupting the flow of reading, all the way through.

So I clicked on "ad choices" and found there were 113 companies assuming the right to track my online path and target tailored ads at me, unless I specifically forbade it - which as far as I can, I have done, now.

I sometimes read columnists who complain that they get lots of ads for penis extensions and so on. What do they surf the Net for in their free time?

But for fun, I thought I'd do a few teasing Google searches myself:

"How can I make my penis smaller?"

"How can I cure my sex addiction?"

"How can I become less handsome?"

I'll let you know how I get on.

Any further suggestions for search sentences? Will you try something similar yourself - e.g. lots of questions about broccoli?

Here's the first non-financial one I noticed on Tim Newman's blog, since the searches a few minutes ago. On the site it's a gif and the girl appears to be rocking back and forth a bit, hands out of sight; not exactly what I asked Doctor Google for. Still, they're doing their best, I suppose:

Found on http://www.desertsun.co.uk/blog/ 24.11.18

1 comment:

Sackerson said...

Latest search:

"I really love eating persimmons, where can I get more?"

Expecting building company ads now.