Saturday, December 20, 2014

Defending the bully-d*ckhead Russell Brand

A clever piece by "Squander Two", apparently going viral, about a confrontation with the poseur and unfocused protorevolutionary Russell Brand (htp: Anna Raccoon). And yet...

I've commented:

Brand is a blast from the past - about 1968 - 72-ish. And doubtless quite easy to rile, just like the American reporter who questioned Lennon in the 1969 bed-in and got a snarly Liverpudlian response.
On the other hand, your piece I find has a whiff of the disingenuous; artful stuff, all those references to food. Hungry bankers at Christmas... Skilfully done, some good points, and of course RB is not really much good at argumentation, which is why he uses so many words. Expect you'd beat him in a debate. Maybe that's why the BBC gives him airtime, to strike a faux balance between protest and the Establishment and weaken the former's credibility. That and his priapic reputation.

Shame so few people talk about the way the banking industry, encouraged by politicians, has messed up the economy with excessive debt and resource misallocation since at least the 70s, but that's a subject RB isn't up to analysing in his Michael Moore-ish way.

By the way, I'm given to understand it's noradrenaline, not adrenaline, that powers the fight or flight reaction. Either way, I don't blame you a bit for curdling at his invasion of your personal space.

If only there was a less vain and more penetrating advocate than the slightly addled Brand. The PPI and FX rows are tiny thunderrumbles compared to the gathering Force 5 financial hurricane caused by decades of monetary warming. Or maybe I'm wrong and it'll all turn out for the best in the end. Let's leave it to the experts as the economy "recovers", hey?


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James Higham said...

What are you doing reading the Labour rag the Mirror? Of course it will spin Brand, its poster boy.

Brand is simply cashing in on the hard work of others and taking their credit. Even bloggers were there before him - see Mark Wadsworth.

As we say, he's a hypocritical, millionaire opportunist with a scrambled political brain.

And Sackers - wise to steer clear of the Guardian and Mirror. :)

Sackerson said...

I come across them online. See next post for more on silly old Russell.

Sackerson said...

P.S. What's this about the Mirror and Guardian? I don't think they came into this.

Paddington said...

The problem is not printing money. It's that we have concentrated too much in too few hands, which process has its own attractive force.